What Flowers Should I Plant In?

What are some Beautiful Flowers that I can plant in the fall!?

I was thinking crasanthimums, but i'm not relly too sure how to plant flowers, the right way, because i know they all have a certain way of doing it.

Can you help me???

Thank You!

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    Chrysanthemums are nice fall plants, so are asters, montauk daisies, and pansies. Planting most things is really not that complicated; you dig a hole and put them in. They're already "planted" in their pots, so all you really have to do is take them out of the plastic and bury the dirt. You do have to make sure they're going to get the right amount of light, but that's easy to figure out. Look at the tag in the pot to see how much sun it needs, and then think about the area you want to plant it in. Full to part sun, think no shade at all, or only shade in the morning. Full to part shade would be the opposite, either shade all day long or sun only in the morning.

    If you take the plant out of the pot and see a lot of roots around the outside and the whole mass seems really tight, this is called being rootbound. It means the plant stayed in that pot too long and its root system outgrew it but had nowhere to go. Gently loosen up the root mass before planting, and the plant will be much happier. Its roots will spread out once it takes.

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    Check with your local garden center.Find them in your yellow pages.

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