Straightening needlepoint pillows?

I have 2 needlepoint pillow tops that are approximately 40 -45 years old, if not older, that belonged to my grandmother. Due to everyone sitting on them (lol) they have lost their shape. I would like to replace the backs on them as the old ones have dry-rotted, but the fronts are mishapped. Any ideas on how to straighten them so I can put new backs on them and re-stuff them? I will be doing this all by hand, so as to be extra careful with them


To Miz Lamb: Thank you for the Info! Another question sif I may... would you suggest anything to be put on the back of the needle-point to stableize it before I add back and the stuffing?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get some 1 x 1 framing boards or a piece of cork board just larger than your pillow tops.

    Dampen the pillow tops with cool water, pull and pin the tops into place on the cork board or using fairly good cord, wrap around the frame and pin into the pillow top to pull it into square again.

    The above is for squaring up any needlepoint or other canvas work after it has been finished as well as reshaping our prized collectables.

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  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    I suggest you use a buttonhole stitch around the area you intend to keep and then carefully cut around the outside of this stitch. You might also want to seal the edges of the stitching for a more secure edging.

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