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What do you think of these names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.


Alexis Paige

Cassandra May (Cassie)

Danielle Christine

Elizabeth Marie

Heather Jade

Jennifer Lynn

Leah Michelle

Lisa Michelle

Madeline Faith (Maddy)

Natalie Grace

Olivia Paige


Alexander Scott (Alex)

Bennett James (Ben)

David Christopher

Ethan Alexander

Jared Thomas

Joseph Alexander

Michael Jonathan

Nathan Tyler

Nicholas Ryan (Nick)

Robert Drake (Rob/Robby)

Shawn Michael

What do you think of them? Favorites? Least favorites?


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    I like Alexis not so much Paige

    Cassandra May is pretty :)

    Danielle Christine has a nice flow to it.

    I don't really like Elizabeth, but I like Marie

    Jade is nice, not Heather.

    Jennifer is sooo common, Lynn is nice too.

    Leah Michelle is okay.

    Madeline Faith is pretty.

    Natalie Grace is pretty too :)

    Olivia is good. NOT PAIGE !


    Alexander is okay, I don't really like Scott.

    I don't really like Bennett but if you like the nickname Ben you can try Benjamin. And James is good too.

    David Christopher is okay.

    Ethan Alexander doesn't have a nice flow, maybe the words separately would be nice.

    Jared Thomas is okay. I like the Thomas :)

    Joseph Alexander has a nice flow all though I don't really like Joseph that much.

    I don't really like Michael Jonathon separately and definitely not together.

    Nathan Tyler sounds soo blah

    Nicholas Ryan sounds really nice :)

    Robert Drake is a good name too.

    Shawn is a nice name.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My favorites are Olivia Paige, Jennifer Lynn, Madeline Faith, Alexander Scott, Nicholas Ryan, and Bennett James.

    I don't really like Robert Drake, Ethan Alexander, Shawn Michael, Danielle Christine, Heather Jade or Cassandra May. Some of those names alone are nice but not together.

    The rest are just in between.

    Source(s): I love names too!
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  • I like Cassandra May, Elizabeth Marie, Heather Jade, Jennifer Lynn, Leah Michelle, Madeleine Faith, Natalie Grace and Olivia Paige. I also like the names Danielle and Michelle.

    For boys I like Alexander Scott, Jared Thomas, Nathan Tyler, Nicholas Ryan and Shawn Michael. I also like the names Bennett, James, David, Christopher, Ethan, Alexander, Joseph, Michael, Jonathan and Robert.

    My 2 favourites are Cassandra May & Nicholas Ryan.

    I don't like Alexis Paige and Robert Drake.

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    Alexis Paige - 9

    Cassandra May (Cassie) - 6

    Danielle Christine - 5

    Elizabeth Marie - 6

    Heather Jade - 7

    Jennifer Lynn - 7

    Leah Michelle - 4

    Lisa Michelle - 4

    Madeline Faith (Maddy) - 9

    Natalie Grace - 8

    Olivia Paige - 3

    Favorites are Medline Faith and Alexis Paige (:


    Alexander Scott (Alex) - 2

    Bennett James (Ben) - 8

    David Christopher - 6

    Ethan Alexander - 7 (other way around)

    Jared Thomas - 7

    Joseph Alexander - 6

    Michael Jonathan - 3

    Nathan Tyler - 8

    Nicholas Ryan (Nick) - 7

    Robert Drake (Rob/Robby) - 1

    Shawn Michael - 8

    I like Shawn Michael and Nathan Tyler and Benett James (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Danielle Christine although to make them flow better I would go with Daniella Christine or Danielle Christina.

    Love Madeline Faith (Maddie is also a great nickname) and Natalie Grace.

    For the boys I love Alexander Scott and Michael Jonathan

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  • 1 decade ago


    Olivia Paige

    Shawn Michael

    Least Favourites:

    Leah Michelle

    Bennett James

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cassandra May, Robert Drake, and Ethan Alexander I like.

    I dont like Danielle Christine, Heather Jade, Michael Jonathan.. they dont flow well!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My favorite would be Natalie Grace. that just flows. Lisa Michelle doesnt really sound right and David Christopher doesnt either. Madeline Faith is nice also

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  • 1 decade ago

    i like Cassandra May and Nicholas Ryan the best :)

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