How to become friends with an exchange student?

My neighbor is getting 2 exchange students - from different places - but the are both girls and 15 years old (as am I)

how can i become friends with them and get to know them? i dont want it to be awkward. i really want to get close to them, and hopefully stay very close friends with them after they leave! they are here for the entire school year... until next summer!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just show up a lot and eventually, the 3 of you will become the best of friends.

    Don't complain about things. Try not to burden them with your problems. Suggest fun things to do. Invite them to play games.

    Try to pick their minds and see what they like and if it resembles anything you are good at, or know lots of, then stay on those subjects.

    Try not to talk about politics too much. They are from another country and might be divided as to which way they lean.

    After a while, they will warm up to you and start asking *you* questions. So, try not to bombard them too much at first. This is going to be very overwhelming to them, as they are being lifted out of everything they've ever known.

    Perhaps you could try to image if *you* went to anther country. How would *you* feel and use that as your template for your friendship with them.

    It should all work itself out. It's not like they have anywhere else to go. Just, try not to be annoying by asking too many questions.

    Good luck!

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