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a question about Norton Symantec internet security subscription?

my Norton Symantec security system that came with my laptop when I bought it, is going to expire. I know if I want to get another security I have to remove this one completely. what if I want to buy a Norton Symantec. should I still remove this one completely? how should I know it matches with the one I have? I got a notice on my computer that my security is going to expire is one month. and they gave me choice to get subscription for 1 yr or 2. is it going to be in a software? do I have to install it myself? thanks.

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    Norton symantec is the worst program out there at the moment. Why waste your money when you can simply download 2 programs and setup yourself for FREE

    www.avast.com/ (Avast Antivirus)

    www.zonealarm.com/ (zonealarm)

    BUT to answer your question, yes play it safe and uninstall your old software before you upgrade to new software.

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    You are correct, if you change from Norton to anything else you will need to completely remove the Norton Symantec Security Suite. If you renew your subscription you should not need to do anything more than pay Symantec, no installs or anything. There should be no reason to purchase a new copy of the Norton Security Suite, what you have already installed should be the lastest version with all current updates.

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    If you remove Norton use the removal tool listed and downloaded from Norton website so no files are left behind.

    I recommend Norton Internet Security 2009 or later version, have used Norton for yrs. with out a single problem with virus, spyware, malware or any bad bugs. I always buy the new boxed version with 3 user license for my lap tops.

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    If you click renew you shouldnt have ti install anything. Norton isnt the greatest if i was you i would switch to bitfefender, kaspersky, or Eset which are all better.

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