How is Ps3's motion controller ? Is better than Xbox 360's project natal camera ?

I guess not.

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    1 decade ago
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    XYZABC, Who said Natal could play FPS and TPS? Is basically impossible to do that. Natal will be about 50 times better than the Wii or PS3 Controller. Its still only in development.

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    The main advantage the PS3 controller has is the fact that there are physical buttons on it..... The main problem devs are going to face with Natal is how to integrate players movement in it.... For example, how do you replicate someone moving in a FPS or a TPS like Gears? There is no physical medium to give the commands... You cannot shout cause it's silly if it's like that.... You can argue that you can physically walk and camera will register, but not everyone has a 1000*1000 foot place to do that... In fact many people game in their basement.... The limitations are seen quickly if you look at it in depth. The same idea was incorporated in PS Eye 7 years back..... There also the same damn limitations were observed and the product hardly took off.... Besides, there are 100s of commands like shooting, reloading which require buttons....

    The PS3 controller has 1:1 tracking which is the most accurate amongst all 3 (Natal and Wii Plus). This 1:1 tracking means that the motions are registered real time without lag.. Even Natal with it's built in processor cannot replicate this (see the demo video shown at E3... Definite lag was observed.. Also the thing glitched in that Avatar show bottom incident).

    IGN personally experienced Natal at Gamescom (August 18th) and according to their preview, they weren't really impressed. Burnout was showcased and although driving was easy, they reported that there was no real middle accelerator.. meaning if you had your foot on the ground, Natal registered it as full accelerator and if you had it in the air, it stopped... Meaning no middle acceleration. See what I mean by limitations....

    Frankly speaking, both have limitations... But I always state that buttons cannot be replaced.... M$ themselves said Natal will ship with no controller.... Whereas PS eye will feature buttons and vibration+force feedback on it's controller.... For hardcore gaming, I would pick the PS wand... Natal has a more casual application with a shot at Wii audience.

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    Project Natal is more advanced than the PS3 motion controller , but I'd rather go with the PS3 one, Imagine how stupid it is to drive a car like they showed it on Natal demo

    And the precision of the PS3 MC is amazing

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    PS3's detects a glowing piece of plastic.

    Xbox's detects your actual body movements.

    'nuff said.

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