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im sick with a migraine and stomach ach and a temp of 101 i fell like im going to be sick wat to do when ur 14?

and my headache is going down to my stomach i cant get any sleep at all and im only 14 and have no idea wat to do and my mom tired to help but see cant

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    a doctor can help. but some medications you could take to lower the symptoms are

    niquil- the stuff is nasty tasting but can reduce fever/flu and can help you sleep

    Tylenol- can reduce fever. maybe headache but i don't know on that

    aspirin can reduce headache

    tea will help especially if you feel like you can't eat its also good for you

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    Well, a migraine can make you throw up, that's pretty common. The temp isn't too high but suggests this is more than a headache, it suggests a mild infection - which of course could become worse as it progresses.

    Have you checked your symptoms for meningitis? this is the big worry with kids with headaches. I'd say be vigilant, keep an eye on yourself, read the symptoms and know what to look out for.

    Honestly, I know you feel crappy, but most things are not serious, most things are common, it's probably flu.

    Just be aware that even if they are uncommon, bad things can and do happen, don't discount anything just because it is uncommon. If you feel worse or are not better by tomorrow or have any new symptoms, go get medical help.

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    have your mom take you to the doctor /urgent care

    also perhaps you could take a cold shower it might lower your temp. down! and take an asprin!

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