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Can you name the characters of film Pirates of the carrabien?

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    Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp

    Will Turner - Orlando Bloom

    Elizabeth Swann - Keira Knightley

    Hector Barbossa - Geoffrey Rush

    James Norrington - Jack Davenport

    Weatherby Swann - Jonathan Pryce

    Joshamee Gibbs - Kevin McNally

    Ragetti - Mackenzie Crook

    Pintel - Lee Arenberg

    Davy Jones - Bill Nighy

    Cutler Beckett - Tom Hollander

    Tia Dalma - Naomie Harris

    Bootstrap Bill Turner - Stellan Skarsgård

    Sao Feng - Chow Yun-Fat

    Captain Teague - Keith Richards

    Marty - Martin Klebba

    Cotton - David Bailie

    Mullroy - Angus Barnet

    Murtogg - Giles New

    Anamaria - Zoe Saldaña

    Tai Huang - Reggie Lee

    Bo'Sun - Isacc C. Singleton

    Mallot - Brye Cooper

    Jacoby - Vince Lozano

    Koehler - Treva Etienne

    Twigg - Michael Berry Jr.

    Jack the Monkey - Tara / Levi

    Jailhouse Dog - Chopper

    hope that helps x

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    All of them?

    Off the top of my head:

    Jack Sparrow

    Will Turner

    Elizabeth Swan

    Daddy Swan (Haha, I don't know his title)

    Captain Barbosa

    Jack the Monkey

    Mr Gibbs

    Commodore Norrington

    Davy Jones

    The Kraken

    Tia Darma (sic?)

    Bootstrap Bill

    Then there's the two dim soldiers, whose names I don't know.

    And the two dim pirates (the bald one and one with wooden eye, played by Gareth from the Office)

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  • 4 years ago

    whilst purple hair comprises concepts and how athletic she is...that's what i think of. Victoria, Allison, Brittany, Lindsay, Maggie, Lizzie, Madison, Hannah, and Lori whilst i think of a few French-American guy. i think of this Nathaniel, Adrian, Sebastian, Andre, Quentin, Phillip, James, and Micheal desire I helped :D

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  • 1 decade ago

    captain jack sparrow, will turner, elizabeth swan are the three main recurring characters. check imdb.com

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    captain jack sparrow

    elizabeth swann

    will turner

    commander norrington

    governer swann

    captain barbossa

    joshamee gibbs

    pintel and ragetti


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