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Could you please watch this video of my original song and let me know what you think of it?

I am a bit nervous about showing it to anyone here because it’s such an intensely personal song it’s like posting my diary on the internet for all to read and critique, but I genuinely would like to get some impartial feedback on whether it has any promise, so here it is:

I wrote it on a 13-hour-flight and recorded it quite literally as soon as I walked in the door to my house, so in the video I’m jet-lagged and physically and emotionally exhausted, so please don't judge my performance too harshly. I'm mainly interested in what you think of the lyrics and melody. I’d be grateful for any thoughts, constructive criticism or advice you may have. : )


I'm very encouraged by most of the answers I've received, so thank you all. As always, my contacts were very generous and kind to me, and their answers each made me smile, so a special thanks and *hugs* to them.

This question was asked in late August but removed just before I had the opportunity to pick a best answer. Yesterday, nearly three months later, I received a message from Y!A Support apologizing for their error and informing me that the question had been reinstated. I hadn't realized it would become available to answer again. The link to the video has changed, so the past few answers have been commenting on a different song, but I appreciate their feedback anyway.

This is the song the question is about:

~peace : )

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    It would be repetitive of me to state something so known and recognized already, but Dami, you are truly a gem instead and out. Even if you haven't realized, you have touched my life (and so many others!) in so many ways imaginable. Everywhere you are bound to go and have your sights on - Stanford, the White House, the UN and beyond, you will light everything and everyone on fire with your beautiful and mature sense of being, kindness, humility, grace, and character. You strive to make the world a better place by going overseas for charity work and living an eco-friendly life ... but you already make it so bright by just being you and I'm fortunate enough to have experienced this.

    I believe this song is one of your greatest and best. No, scratch that, it is your ultimate number one. One of your natural talents is being able to pour your emotions upon a sheet of paper and express it. I simply love this one because I can relate to it. As for feedback is concerned, I don't think a piece as sensitive and well composed and thought out as this one deserves to be critiqued. It is absolutely breathtaking.

    If one day I could amount to half the artist, songwriter/singer, philosopher, writer and peacemaker you are one day, I'd be immensely happy.

    You will go far, (((Lark))), believe me!

    ~ Francesca

    Source(s): Out of curiosity, you've mentioned you sing in a choir. Are you an alto or soprano? : )
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    I think it's stunning! I was actually shocked by how good it was because most of the videos you see posted on here are rubbish. That was just excellent. You have no reason to be nervous about it at all. There's not a thing I'd change out it. I hope you don't mind but I watched some of your other videos. Skylark, you are amazing. Your dancing and art are so beautiful, and your answers here show that you are someone who is highly intelligent too.You have a very bright future ahead of you. I have a feeling that 10 years from now when you are making headlines I'll feel like a very privileged person to have seen this. Well, scratch that, I feel privileged to have seen it now.

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    ^^ i agree with everyones comments, u are talented but i don't want to be repetitive, so i'd like to give you some feed back ^^ all i can say is i liked the song the lyrics are personal which always add something, but as a song that other listen to personally i find a catchy chorus effects the song as a whole, if you can have a tune that people don't mind having repeatedly replayed in their head's then you know i've done good ;) i'm not say the chorus is bad, or that is didn't enjoy it, but thinking back now i can't remember it, only a few lines stuck with me... u no wot i mean? i a way by doing that the lister gets involved in the song, and they can hum alone to the tune, which always makes it more enjoyable :)

    hope that helps, and well done keep it up :P

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    Honestly, you could be my role model!

    Your voice is just beautiful. The lyrics are quite powerful, and the song just seemed so wonderfully written. The melody is also extremely captivating. Honestly, you seem so incredibly talented in every possible way from the answers you give, to the wonderful things you have done for this world. Keep up the amazing work! You truly are a wonderful person inside and out :)

    By the way, you did seem very slightly tired, but that in no way interfered with your amazing singing ability.

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    Wow. Skylark, you're an amazingly talented individual. I loved the wasn't too fast or slow. And the guitar playing was perfect for the lyrics. I love your voice. Your voice reminds me of Dusty Springfield, which is a huge compliment.

    I'm a guitar player and singer as well, so I can really appreciate the talent level that you have. Keep up the great work, and send in your work to a record company already :)!

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    lovely, lovely song, Skylark. i love sad songs. they're the ones that really bring out your emotions and touch the heart of the listener.

    and indeed, i was touched. i love your words. nicely written and worked fabulously with the tempo and cadence of the music. (yes, unlike some people, i do listen to lyrics, hehe)

    although personally (and i mean this constructively), it did drag a bit in the chorus/bridge part. and there were too many high points in that particular area that it got a bit overbearing (but again, that's just my old, aged, ancient self talking. lol!).

    but other than that, i think it's perfect. very reminiscent of numbers from Nora Jones, Jewel, Natalie Imbruglia --which is a cool thing. :)

    keep at it and good luck! you're doing great! i'm proud of you!

    PS. i got your email and would've wanted to give my comments there but Yahoo is glitching on me. i'll still try and email you if it will let me.

    Source(s): i used to write songs for our band, too. i STILL write songs. but now, only my kids hear them. :)
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    Your talent simply never ends Skylark.

    Again you have beautifully written a song that is raw and loaded with so much pure emotion...and one that I am certain everyone can relate to in some way.

    This song has plenty of promise babe. I can honestly tell you that if my eyes were closed and I had not known that was you singing, I would have thought I was listening to Jewel.

    I know how it feels when someone simply does not listen anymore :((

    Thank you for sharing such a personal piece with us all. You are so wise beyond your years.

    Keep shining brightly beautiful girl.


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    I pretty much want to bottle up the best 5 minutes my ears have experienced because a song like that should not be crammed into my tiny ipod.

    keep on soaring, Skylark. As I and many others have said before, you are an extraordinary individual and you have a future to look forward to

  • Dami, I love all your songs, and this one is no different! You are so talented, but my favorite is still Journey with the Wind, which I simply cannot listen to too many times.

    I am also loving your performance of The Scientist, and of course I love your Fix You set to your paintings and Maya Angelou's poem.

    Oh, and I have a book recommendation for you! Ever read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"? It's written in the form of letters and takes place during WWII, and I thought you might like it.

    Keep adding music!!!

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    Melody is gorgeous. My comp is slow so didn't watch it all and can't comment on the lyrics, but from the first 30 seconds I think it's really good. I loved the beginning before you started singing & the singing was great too. You have a really nice voice, sounds a bit like Norah Jones.

    Could you post the lyrics?

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