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Dog swaying falling over and twitching?

Dog was fine all day (in fact, never had a problem with her health wise EVER, and I've had her since 4 weeks old)

I go to go to bed, and my dogs sleep with me, so I let them out right before hand.

While outside, my other dog ran to potty, and she barely went down the stairs and into the grass before I noticed something was up.

Previous to this she had been asleep on the couch

Anyway, she was swaying... then she started stumbling, then kinda collapsed sitting down, tried to get up, then fell over side ways and could not get up for a moment. I actually had to pick her up.

Then after I got her up, she walked 2 steps and started doing it all over again.

I quickly ran inside and woke someone else up, just so I was sure I wasn't over reacting, and she (the dog) saw her (my mother, as it is more or less her dog)

and she went psycho and jumped all over my mother, humped her, and sped aroung]d the yard about 20 times (which of course made my mother think I was imagining things (as it was past 3 in the morning)

and then suddenly, she started doing it all again, cept worse, and when she collapsed on her side, her head started twitching.

Right now she's laying beside me, much better than she was a while ago, but quite tired and sleeping, and before she fell asleep she was still lethargic. I'm not so sure that she can hear so well either, as she's not been responding to any noise I make (when she's awake of course)

She is only 9 months old, mixed breed, 48lbs. She was spayed 2 weeks ago almost exactly.

I originally intended to get her brother, but the day before getting him, he had a severe seizure and had to be put to sleep (at only 4 weeks old)

(mother got cannibalistic so pups left at 4 weeks after being separated from mother for 1 week)

I cannot go to the vet right now. We have no car in our household, and's also 4 in the morning...

We're waiting until morning to take her. No cash at the moment to take her, but hell, I'll borrow from a friend and pay them back when I get my check :)

Just want to know if I should be optimist or not, and what you think happened, though I'm sure I know what it is, and it's not good.

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    She could have some serious neurological issues. You must take her to the vet as soon as possible

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    Dog Twitching And Falling Over

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    Maybe either a stroke or seizure. Get her to a vet ASAP as it could be life threatening

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I am sorry I don't know about this

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