my daughter is 31 wks and the baby is only 2lbs 5ozs now?

my concern is she has to have a steroid shot which is fine but the dr told her she would also get a prescription also when she goes in an it is what the hospital would be giving her anyway has anyone have had this med and what is it for I understand the shot for her lungs but the med what an why thanks for any help

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    when i went into early labour they gave me some steroids to help the lungs develop better i was also given some pethadine to try and relax in the hope that it might stop labour i was supposed to get antibiotics but didnt due to previous reactions and it was to help bubs fight infections as they have no immunity and prone to every bug id always ask what they are giving you my lil boy turned out ok his 7 months and learnt to crawl today

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  • nana
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    1 decade ago

    when i had my 32 week scan, my baby was 3lbs 4oz. they probably have to repeat scan and see if the baby is striving otherwise she might deliver earlier because they don't like when babies are not gaining enough weight in utero.

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