What could this dream mean about stuff stuck in your mouth?

I often have dreams about (and had it last night) where I dream I am trying to get stuff out of my mouth.I dream I am pulling grass out of my mouth but I never get it all out...grass,seeds,dirt...and then I wake up...but in my dream I struggle to get it all out and never get it all out...what could it mean?

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    Hi Commanderx,

    Lets take a look at these symbols, you have grass, seeds, and dirt, you need to get them out, and put them somewhere they can grow. You have dirt, a medium for growth, seeds, a potential of growth, and grass, an end result / grown. Sounds like ideas and potentials to me, ideas and potentials that need verbal expression, so you are trying to get them out of your mouth, but it's a struggle for you. Some form of creative expression, perhaps... It seems like you have a good idea of some kind, and need to communicate it, but you can't, it's a struggle, you know what the idea is, but can't seem to convey it properly, or don't know how to convey it to the right people so it can take root and grow into something good....Good luck....

    Source(s): "...somebody spoke, and I went into a dream..."
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    I have the stuff stuck in your mouth dream a fair bit.I think it symbolises that there are things you need to say but are unable too.Seeds are very symbolic of needed growth and new beginnings.

    Another possiblity is that you may also feel that that you have "fallen" somewhere in your life ,like hit the ground and now you're trying to get back up.Youre still stuck at the level where you 'fell' with grass and dirt in your mouth.

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    You have probably heard of the accusations that "you have a sharp tongue" hence glass in the mouth, or "you have a dirty mouth" hence dirt in the mouth. Your mind is using this sort of logic by depicting various objects in your mouth in these terms. You appear to feel that your outer image is defined by what you say, and you are not happy with how you are presenting yourself to others, perhaps because others have been critical of you or you have compared yourself to another person.

    You can probably challenge this negativity in your dreams by thinking about the sort of stuff you could say that makes you and others happy, and then associate that with nice things like gold, peppermint, rainbows or things that taste or look good.

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    Dreaming of grass-dirt represents a subconsious existences. Either you are trying to be someone you're not are subconsciously you wish to be someone else.Love yourself and everyone else will.

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  • Echion
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    You are struggling to reach a decision about something important, between what is morally correct but socially not acceptable.

  • me
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    1 decade ago

    The Truth is not being told about a certain situation.

    Have a good one

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