Can someone please tell me the name of the Pittsburgh Steeler that died in the 80's while on the field.?

You see, my husband has a tree business.

He cut some trees down for a lady in Pittsburgh the other day.

After he was finished, the neighbor told him that he just worked for the mother of a Pittsburgh Steeler that died on the field in the 1980's.

Of course, we don't know how true this is, but i figured someone may know.

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    I did a search and no one has ever died on the field in the NFL, here is a part of the article with the link below.

    Several NFL players have died shortly after games, though no one has been declared dead on the field.

    Detroit Lions receiver Chuck Hughes died of a heart attack during a game on Oct. 24, 1971. Hughes entered the game late in the fourth quarter and ran a deep route over the middle. As he headed back to the huddle, he collapsed. Team doctor Richard Thompson tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Hughes on the field and the game was finished in silence.

    In 1963, Kansas City rookie running back Stone Johnson died 10 days after he broke his neck in an exhibition game against the Houston Oilers. In the game played at Wichita, Johnson was hurt while blocking on a kickoff return.

    In 1960, New York Titans tackle Howard Glenn injured his neck during a play in the first half and died soon afterward.

    Washington Redskins tackle Dave Sparks and Chicago Cardinals tackle Stan Mauldin died of heart attacks after games. Sparks died in 1954 three hours after a game, while Mauldin collapsed in the locker room in 1948.

    Two college football players died from neck-related injuries in the past 15 years. Mississippi defensive back Chucky Mullins died from injuries sustained on Oct. 28, 1989. Mullins was paralyzed when he broke his neck tackling Vanderbilt tailback Brad Gaines and died 18 months later on May 6, 1991, in a Memphis, hospital.

    Washington defensive back Curtis Williams was injured exactly 11 years later attempting to tackle Stanford running back Kerry Carter. He was paralyzed from the neck down and died May 6, 2002.

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  • neri
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    No. They regularly repair it previously. Last night time's rain made the concern worse than natural. FYI...The Steelers are a CLASS institution! See such a lot exercises franchises get tax abatements and lift taxes to construct new stadiums and the town NEVER will get to make use of them. The Steelers are exceptional. They SHARE the stadium with the University of Pittsburgh AND they enable the H.S. State Championship video games to play there. Get your info immediately!! Sounds extra just like the Steeler institution is giving BACK to the town, now not taking from it like such a lot exercises franchises do!! The best 'fault' I could say is they must've transformed the time table to enable the brand new grass to settle (i.e. had an away recreation the week the brand new turf was once set up).

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  • hi
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    I looked it up, it seems there has been players who died after the game but i couldn't find any player that has died during a game.

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  • Anonymous
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    I'm not sure if anyone on this website knows the answer. But try googling it. Everything is on google.

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