Do all U Haul trucks come automatic?

I'm moving into an apartment on Monday and I rented a UHAUL but I didnt bother to ask if it was standard or automatic and the place I rented it from is 40 miles away.And since its the weekend and they're closed I cant call to ask, and I'm not driving up there and wasting gas just to go "look".I hate to get there to pick it up and it be a standard, since I CANT DRIVE A STANDARD! It's a 14 fter so HELP, PLEASE?!?


Ok. I pick it up tomorrow, which is Sunday and they're closed. They just gave me the keys in advance. SHHH dont So I can't call! And theres a 26', a 24', and a 17' right above the 14' so that means those are standards but the 14' I got is not?!?

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    All U-Haul trucks have Automatic Transmissions; even the biggest model (the 26 foot JH). They also have Air Conditioning and AM/FM Stereo. They do NOT have cruise control.

    All the current fleet trucks use Unleaded gasoline. U-Haul is no longer building/stocking the 24 foot GH model; however there are still a few of them in the inventory and some of these are diesels.

    They will go over all this with you when you actually do the rental.

    Source(s): U-Haul Dealer #41382 Lawton, OK
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    1 decade ago

    Ok most smaller trucks are automatic but the 3 higher and longer truks are manual and require shifting

  • Jan C
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    1 decade ago

    Call before you go to pick it up. I do think most U Haul vehicles have automatic transmissions.

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