Is it a good idea to sell a $600 bundle of used toy trains on eBay?

Well I have about $1500 of Lionel O-Gauge toy trains that I have not used in a while (Im selling all of them for $600). They are a bit dusty but they are otherwise in good working condition aside from a wee bit of wear and tear. The bundle has track, track switches, locomotives, a diesel engine, plenty of rolling stock, all the transformers and some accessories. I need to get rid of this stuff as fast as possible and I want to get as much money as I can for it, since I am moving and I cannot take these things. Is it best to sell each individual item? How would I ship such a large shipment? etc.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would definitely sell everything separately.. Reason being that it's too easy to get scammed on a large lot..

    Get delivery confirmation on EVERYTHING you ship. Sellers on Ebay are responsible for making sure the item gets to the buyer intact and in original condition, so package carefully and buy insurance as you feel it's necessary. If it arrives damaged, paypal will make you refund even if the buyer didn't choose to buy insurance. Insurance is to protect you..

    For insurance to be paid out, it has to be packaged well enough to sustain a 5 foot drop..

    If you don't already sell on Ebay, I would see if there's someone experienced with Ebay to sell them for you.. There are businesses around that do that sort of thing, of course, make sure of how much they charge and so on..

    Also, any individual items that go for over $200 need to have signature confirmation when shipping..

    Include plenty of photos.

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    I think you should break them up into several smaller sets of similar items. Buyers shy away from large collections of mixed goods, since most people only want a few items out of the whole collection.

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