Which baseball teams are the least well known?? (More details inside)?

Like the teams that are mentioned on ESPN towards the bottom half of the show. The one team that no ones ever heard of. Those types of teams. They have no major star's on those teams. In other words, they are not like the Yanks, Sox and Cubs. Who do you think those teams are??.

Im going to say the Padres because they are never really on the news for much unless they trade a player like Jake Peavy or something like that :P. But still what do you think??

BQ:How's your team doing right now??

BQ2: Do you read any baseball magazines??

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  • Erich
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    1 decade ago
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    I'll do one for each division

    AL East- Orioles, shadowed by Yanks, Sox, and Rays

    AL Central- Royals, just terrible

    AL West- Athletics, small market west coast team

    NL East- Marlins, extremely small fan base

    NL Central- Reds, not as bad as the Pirates, but still bad

    NL West- Padres, stands are empty, not very good

    BQ: Pretty awful. Actually, very awful. Flat out terrible.

    BQ2: Sports Illustrated and Baseball Digest.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Teams like the Orioles, Athletics, and the Padres just don't have the star power to make it in the first half of SC unless something crazy happens during the game.

    BQ- Rays 66-55 and tied with the Rangers right now at 3.

    BQ2- Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, ESPN the Magazine

  • I rarely hear anything about the Royals, Marlins, Padres, or Reds. I feel for those fans, I mean you want to hear about your team and it's not just.

    BQ:At this moment they are up 2-0 on the Nationals. Their record is 59-62.

    BQ2: Yes, Beckett as a subscription (I do baseball cards)

    Otherwise I will pick up magazines at the store that look like they have some good articles and it is the sports mags I pick up to read while in waiting rooms (dentist for example)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yankees fan here. ALDS - I guess the Tigers. They pose more of a threat in comparison to the Twins (Who really don't have sharp pitching in a short postseason series) ALCS - Angels. They play great against the Yankees at home, and that can be a problem in the playoffs. World Series - Cardinals. I think if the Yankees play the Cardinals in the WS, it'll be a problem. The Cardinals have an excellent starting rotation, and with their lineup having power threats including Pujols and Holliday, along with their 1-2 punch of Wainwright-Carpenter (whatever the order is..) and the 3-4-5 guys pitching great (I guess Smoltz isn't tipping pitches anymore?), it'll be tough to navigate. BQ - CC, an AJ Burnett that's dealing, an Andy Pettitte that's dealing, and I guess how great Chad Gaudin has been pitching lately for #4, and just for memories, I'd love to see a young El Duque pitch again...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I Would Probably Say The Seatlle Mariners Or Kansas City Royals

    BQ: Alright For Now Beat The Phils Yesterday Lookin To Do It Two Days In A Row ...

    BQ 2: Nope

  • 1 decade ago

    I never hear anything about the Reds. And the Padres, Mariners, Pirates, and Royals don't get mentioned a lot either.

    BQ: They're in first place by 5.5 games and are currently losing to the Mets 1-0 in the top of the fourth.

    BQ2: Nope.

  • luigi
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    1 decade ago

    Royals, Reds, Pirates, A's, Astros and the Mariners for some reason

    BQ: What a difference a day makes. We lost 20-11 yesterday and won 14-1 today. Overall, it's a meh. 6.5 games behind the Yankees for first in the AL East but are leading the Wild Card

    BQ2: No

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe the Astros or Diamondbacks.. Sorry to any fans of those teams. I just never hear ANYTHING about them.

    BQ: Kind of hard to say.. last night we got beat 20-11, but today we won 14-1, so kind of up-and-down. I'm curious to see how this series turns out tomorrow.. should be a great game!

    BQ2: Well it's not just about baseball, but I love Sports Illustrated! I get tons of old copies from our library and read them. Just read the March issue with Albert Pujols on the cover!

  • 1 decade ago

    Alot of teams I don't hear about like the Pirates, Nationals, Padres, and Diamond Backs.

    BQ- Good They're in 1st place in the AL West.

    BQ- Sometimes

  • 1 decade ago

    Baltimore - They are hidden by the Redsox, Yanks, and Rays.

    Pirates - Second worst team..so they dont get publicity for being THE worst.

    Athletics - Where have they been?

    BQ: Just beat the yanks 14-1. Still far back in the division but leading the AL wildcard.

    BQ2: Yes..if i get one. I dont have any subscriptions because i am too young to buy them. But if i see one at my friends or relitives i read the whole thing..execept for anything with golf or soccer.

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