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Middle names for Hunter?

I'd prefer a name that's related to music, but anything that sounds good would be helpful! Thanks in advance :D

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    Hunter Leon is the first one that came to mind. :)

    Others ~

    Hunter Finley

    Hunter Greyson

    Hunter Austin

    Hunter Sebastian

    Hunter Jase

    Hunter Jason

    Hunter Dominic

    Hunter Donovan

    Hunter Levi

    Hunter Seamus

    Hunter Samuel

    Hunter Ashby

    Hunter Davis

    Hunter Sean

    Hunter Steven

    Hunter Nicholas

    Hunter Thomas

    Hunter Isaac

    Hunter Wesley

    Hunter Joel

    Hunter Adam

    Hunter Collin

    Hunter Bryan

    Hunter Everett

    Hunter Quinlan

    Hunter Jackson

    Hunter Abram

    Hunter Paul

    Good luck! =)

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    Hunter Beethoven

    Hunter Bach

    Hunter Acoustic Guitar :)

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    -Hunter Jenning

    -Hunter Daniel

    -Hunter Lewis

    -Hunter Graham

    -Hunter Tune

    -Hunter Beat

    -Hunter Micha

    -Hunter Elijah

    -Hunter Michael

    -Hunter Jason

    -Hunter Jeffery

    -Hunter Derick

    -Hunter Freddy

    -Hunter Jacob

    -Hunter Rock

    -Hunter Stephen

    I'm sorry if my music names are a little far-fetched, the only other ones I could think of were for girls! Harmony, Melody, Lyric, etc.

    Hope I helped!

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    Hunter Cadence (rhythm)

    Hunter Trent (lead singer of NIN)

    Hunter Lirit (means musical grace)

    Hunter Lerato (song of my soul)

    Hunter Aaron (enlighted, to sing)

    Hunter Jaron (to sing)

    Hunter Arion (with melody)

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    Lyric....Hunter Lyric, I think its cute!

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    ellija (theres another way to spell that 2)

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