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Name some store names which are funny.


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There is one which I know:

Fishy Trading

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    1 decade ago
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    Leaven and Earth ~ Bakery, Berkeley, CA

    Rising Loafer ~ Restaurant/Bakery, Pleasanton, CA

    The Hop Yard ~ Restaurant/Microbrewery, Pleasanton, CA

    Juan More Taco ~ Taqueria in Fremont, CA

    Citizen Canine ~ Dog Kennel, Oakland, CA

    Every Dog Has Its Day Care™, Inc. ~ Dog Kennel, Emeryville, CA

    Miss Pearl's Jam House ~ Restaurant, Oakland, CA

    Bullshifters ~ Former Manual Transmission/Clutch Repair, San Jose, CA

    Many Happy Returns Inc. ~ Tax Preperation, Glen Burnie, Maryland

    Many Happy Returns ~ Tax Preperation, St. Petersburg, Florida

    Many Happy Returns Inc. ~ Sample Return Service, NYC

    Den of Antiquities ~ Victoria, Australia

    A Den of Antiquity ~ Ashville, North Carolina

    Crapo Appliance Service ~ Redmond, Washington

    It's A Crewel World ~ Salem, Massachusetts

    Bead It ~ Bead Store, Santa Cruz, CA

    2 the Point ~ Needlepoint Store, Pleasanton, CA

    The Best Little Hairhouse In Town ~ Camp Springs, Maryland

    The Best Little Hairhouse On Campus ~ Two Locations

    The Best Little Hairhouse In Gresham ~ Gresham, Oregon

    Wok N Roll ~ Multiple Locations across the US

    Linoleum ***** ~ Floor Covering Store, San Jose, CA

    Cyclepath ~ Bicycle Store, Hayward & San Mateo, CA

    Know Knew Books ~ Used Book Store, Palo Alto, CA

    Booked Solid ~ Used Book Store, Bradford, VT

    Chain Reation Bicycles ~ Bicycle Store, Redwood City, CA

    Pizza My Heart ~ Several Locations in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Peace A Pizza ~ Several Locations in Pennsylvania, 1 in New Jersey,

    1 in Delaware and 1 in Florida

    Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Co ~ San Francisco, CA

    99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall ~ Restaurant & Pub Santa Cruz, CA

    Hour Place ~ Clock Store, Capitola, CA

    Garden of Eat'n ~ Restaurant, Utopia, TX

    Beauty and the Bistro ~ Unrelated Restaurants in a few US cities

    Little Miss Muffin ~ Specialty Bakery, Chicago, IL

    Shuck's Transmission Service ~ Fremont, CA

    Long Won ~ Chinese Take Out, Brooklyn, NY

    Peek Funeral Home ~ Westminster, CA

    Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors ~ Various locations in Texas

    Kuntz Insurance Group ~ Brookhaven PA

    Mama Zuma's Revenge ~ chips made by Route 11 Potato Chips, Middletown, VA

    Salt and Battery ~ Fish and Chips, Brisbane, Australia

    Wok Around the Clock ~ Earlville, Queensland Australia

    El Squid Roe ~ Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle ~ Puerto Vallarta, Mexcio

    Dirty Dick's Crab House ~ Sea Food Restaurant, Outer Banks, NC & Panama City, FL

    Mangy Moose Saloon ~ Jackson Hole, WY

    Animal ~ Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

    Beaver Liquors ~ Various Places around the Planet

    Beaver Bath Car Wash, LLC ~ Beaver, West Virgina

    The Chocolate Mess ~ Chocolate Fountain Rentals, San Francisco Bay Area

    The Daily Grind Coffee House/Café ~ Multiple Locations across the US

    The Daily Grind Coffee Shop ~ Multiple Locations across the US

    It's A Grind Coffee House ~ Multiple Locations across the US

    Hickey's Pharmacies ~ Ireland

    Hash House A Go Go ~ Presents "Twisted Farm Food", Restaurant, San Diego, CA

    Schmidt-Haus Realty ~ Northern, WI

    Schickhaus Meats ~ Meat Packing Company, NJ

    Frodo Joe's Coffee & Tea ~ Coffee Shop, San Lorenzo & Hayward, CA

    Frodo Joe's La Petit Café ~ Coffee Shop, Sandwiches & Crepes, Fremont, CA

    thats all in my list!

    Source(s): my handy dandy notepad...list!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The End Of The World Survival Store

    Piggly Wiggly

    All we have Is...

    The Whatever Store

    Flea Cow Market

    Source(s): ummm not as good as the other dude that named a bunch
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  • 1 decade ago

    Alla's donair

    Bubba-Gump Shrimp Co. (it's a real restaurant in florida!)

    lululemon athletica



    Wet Seal



    Rubi-Star (it's out of business)

    Below the Belt




    Kites and Other Delights

    WAL-MART!!!! lol

    If Pigs Could Fly

    Elephants Never Forget

    Chicken Scratch

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  • My favorite has always been a car dealer in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It went for years as "Dick Witham Volkswagen", the website still is:

    Always made me want to go elsewhere for a car, when I was in school.

    Seems he got a bit wiser and now goes by just Witham, or the dealership has gone onto his children.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Everest isn't the talles mountain... Mauna Kea is.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is a store in MN called U-Pull-R-Parts...I don't know. I always laugh when I see the commercial.

    Also...Kum and Go (best name for a gas station ever)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Board to death (surf store)

    Dudley Do Drugs (pharmasist)

    Taco Bellevue Hospital

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  • 3 years ago


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  • Kalynn
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