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Birthday party ideas for 14 year old?

I am turning 14 in two weeks, and i have no idea what to do for a party. Most of my friends have done ice skating or bowling, so that cancels it out. I cant really do a house party, since we are moving in one week ,and out new house will look like crap for my party. Does anybody have any good ideas of what i could do for a party??

Also, i dunno if this helps in any way, but i have a 3 year old brother (which can limit my choices sometimes).



BTW, I am a girl.

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    going out to eat

    video scavenger hunt

    picture scavenger hunt

    ice cream

    hotel sleepover

    t.p. party

    make tshirts

    lazer tag

    be creative!!

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    You could take a few friends to an amusement park if you like the thrills. If you want to go a little cheaper and less thrilling you could go skating rink, or a bowling alley.Plus you can always Google stuff in your area that are fun. Like shopping and attractions.

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    You could have a party at a hotel with a good pool. Those are always really fun. Other wise you could also do a make-over party where you get your nails, hair and make-up done, but it's not cheap. Happy Birthday!

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    How about this,you could have a scavenger hunt.You could create a list of things to collect.For example,a tooth pick,safety pin,bobby pin,rubber band,paper clip,marble,tooth pick,a drinking straw,packet of ketchup,spool of thread,a coupon,a plastic fork or spoon,penny,a piece of chewing gum,dog biscuit,a business card and just any house hold item you can think of.Then maybe you could treat the winner to a meal at a fast food restaurant of his or her's choice.Just an idea of something different.Hope I've helped.

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    laser tag



    go the beach if there one by you!

    white water rafting


    Mall maddness party!! go to the mall split into group and give each girl $1-5 and make a list of certain things they have to buy with the money like nail polish, ponytails, socks its alot of funn after you can go to like a restaurant in the mall

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    well to decorate the house try: bright colored balloons! the paper string stuff to hang on ur ceilings! the shimmering stuff you walk through to get in the house! blown up pictures of you through the house! goody bags are always the best to give out! the dollar store is a great place to buy! candy and lipgloss and small things of nail polish and such is neat to give away. to do: take tons and tons of pictures golf cart. games. get tons of movies. yall can always go to the mall for awhile. bowling. prank call. it depends on your friends. your not a little kid no more so u want to do fun stuff. just think about what each friend likes to do. =] best of luck wow ur lucky to have a party.

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    why dont you have a pool party at a nere by pool

    or you can go to the park and rent out a pavilion

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    rock climbing, ice skating, swimming, lazar tagging

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    u can rent out a spot and just have a dance party. or just throw a wild kegar! woot woot!

  • Kay
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    - quad biking

    - go karts

    - lazor quest

    - out for a meal

    - cinema

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