Does ancient Israel qualify to be in Mesopotamia?

Is Israel in Mesopotamia?

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    No.The Arabs owned all of the Arabian,NOT Jewish, Peninsula/Canaan/God's promised land except for non Arab Iran and, until 1948, Israel. Parts of Mesopotamia are in God's promised land which Israel constantly misinterpretsa as ownership, rather, than RESIDENCY. NO WHERE does God tell the Jews to kill Arabs and steal THEIR land.

    Problem is misinterpretation of God's promise(residency, NOT, ownership) and the British Mandate(political, NOT, land borders-read closely-Arab palestine was to remain one country.Biblically(ishmael before Isaac), scientifically(Arab J1 marker in the region for 40,000 years-millenia BEFORE the Jews) , and, by jewish leader's admission, the Arabs were in the Arabian, NOT, Jewish Peninsula(Israel a part of)/ Canaan/ God's promised land FIRST, and have always been the MAJORITY. Arabs own almost ALL of the promised land except for non Arab Iran, and, until 1948, Israel. For Israel to get all of God's promised land, Israel would have to kill ALL the Arabs and the non Arab Iranians(Israel working on that one) and steal ALL their land.NO WHERE in the Bible does God, nor, even the British, tell the Jews/Israel to kill Arabs and steal their land-NO WHERE-they must stop laying the blame on God and the British.

    The Assyrians , a Semitic people, neither Arab, nor Jew, are the FIRST identified settlers of Palestine since about 5000 B.C.. Before this, the first known settlements was by unknown peoples as far back as 7000 B.C.

    According to Israel, they are not at war with the Palestinians, but with the Hamas, so what reason do they have to steal Palestinian land and kill Palestinians to do it-pure blood lust, nothing more.

    She is brought to her knees for her indiscretions(this can ONLY be the Palestinian situation) Nation up on nation shall rise up against her-sound familiar-even the US, her only supporter is changing direcection. God intervenes and Israel is turned from her wicked ways. A NEW Jerusalem, possibly shared, instead of divided as is now, arises.This is in the Bible.

    The truth is that Jews (not Israel) bought about 7% of the land before 1948. Most of the rest was owned by Palestinians as documented by the British Mandate.The remaining land was STOLEN from the Palestinians AS DOCUMENTED BY THE BRITISH:

    The Arabs of Canaan are the Arabs of Palestine. They were there AT LEAST EQUALLY as long as the Jews/Israelis, but they had a constant presence and a defined land. The Jews were nomadic and had NO land until what was taken from the Palestinians in 1948. Both Jews and Arabs have the same father, Abraham, whom although Semitic, possibly Hebrew, was not considered Jewish. Abraham, his parents, and his ancestry is from Babylon, which is, in fact, INSIDE the Arabian Peninsula, the origin of the Arab peoples.So he may very well have been Arab.

    Palestine is a name which has been widely used since Roman times to refer to the region that includes contemporary Israel and the Palestinian territories, parts of Jordan, and parts of Lebanon and Syria. In its narrow meaning, it refers to the area within the boundaries of the former British Mandate of Palestine (1920-1948) west of the Jordan River.

    Palestine can also refer to the Proposed Palestinian State.

    The name and the borders of Palestine have varied throughout history, though Palestine has certain natural boundaries that justify its historical individuality. Other terms that have been used to refer to all or part of this area include Arabistan, Canaan, Greater Israel, Greater Syria, the Holy Land, Iudaea Province, Israel, "Israel HaShlema", Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Land of Israel, Levant, Retenu (Ancient Egyptian), Southern Syria, and Syria Palestina.

    Early archeological textual reference to the territory of Palestine is found in the Merneptah Stele, dated c. 1200 BCE, containing a recount of Egyptian king Merneptah's victories in the land of Canaan, mentioning place-names such as Gezer, Ashkelon and Yanoam, along with Israel, which is mentioned using a hieroglyphic determinative that indicates a nomad people, rather than a state.

    ***The promise that is the basis of the term "promised land" is contained in Genesis 15:18-21 of the Hebrew Bible and God CLEARLY states whom the land belongs to:

    "On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham and said, "To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates - the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites." Of all these people, only the Palestinians whom are considered Canaanites, are still around. Except for Iran and Israel, Arabs own all of what was Canaan.***

    The verse is said to describe what are known as "Borders of the Land" (Gevulot Ha-aretz). In Jewish tradition these borders define the maximum extent of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac(2nd born-the Jewish lineage and Ishmael the 1st born and the Arab lineage) and grandson Jacob.Even according to Hebrew customs, the oldest son, which is Ishmael, is entitled to the father's inheritance, but because Sarah despised Ishmael, she wanted Isaac to get the inheritance and had Abraham exhile Ishmael. Neither is Ishmael illegitimate but the legal son of his SECOND wife Hagar-Genesis 16: "And Sarah Abraham's wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abraham had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abraham to be his WIFE(my emphasis).By Hebrew tradition, when one or the other spouse can not perform their duties, the remaining spouse can the partner's closest relative/ friend to legally fulfill those duties-in this case Hagar.

    "On that day Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham, saying, "To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates. (Genesis15:18)"Ishamael was Abraham's FIRST born.The promise is made to Abraham and the descendants of his son Ishmael(According to Hebrew law, the first born gets ALL the inheritance), Isaac, and Isaac's son Jacob, Abraham's grandson as they are all given promise that their descendants will be given a territory from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates river.No where does it say the Israelis/Jews OWNED the land, nor were they to take it from, and, kill the Palestinians. The Israelis/Jews were given a land ONLY to reside in as many Jews already had among the Palestinians.

    *According to Alexander Scholch, GERMAN JEW AND PROFESSIONAL HISTORIAN, the population of Palestine in 1850 had about 350,000 inhabitants, 30% of whom lived in 13 towns; roughly 85% were Muslims(Arabs), 11% were Christians and 4% Jews.Scholch, 1985, p. 503.

    Palestinian Demographics Link up to 1948

    Even according to Hebrew law, Ishmael, not Isaac, was entitled to Abraham's inheritance.

    Sarah, a mere mortal, somehow hoodwinked God and God fell for it. The Arabs were and are the MAJORITY there. The Jews, whom made up less than 5% of the population lived peacefully among their Arab hosts until the British Mandate of 1922 when FOREIGN(MOSTLY ILLEGAL-exceeding quotas set by the British) Jews with little or NO Middle East ties immigrated to Arab Palestine-swelling the population to 35%.The Arab armies(no Jews participated) had just thrown off the Ottoman Empire. The UN assigned Britain to occupy Arab Palestine(at least 90% of the population,6% other, less than 5% Jews).When the Jews became 35% of the population, they became belligerent forming murderous Jewish terrorist groups, the Stern Gang and Irgun(now democratically elected Likud-exact counter part of the Arab Hamas). They demanded a homeland carved out of ARAB Palestine and attacked and killed their Arab hosts.The British, under the British Mandate set up POLITICAL, NOT, LAND borders for Arabs and Jews-Arab Palestine was to remain ONE, COUNTRY,ONE LAND-read it closely.This ended with the Jewish stealing more land through murder of the Palestinians than the POLITICAL borders and than the UN agreed to. The UN did not ratify this until AFTER Israel formed in 1948.

    In summary of core FACTS: Arabs first and, MAJORITY, Biblically, and, scientifically, Jews second, Arabs OWNED Palestine, Jews did not, Jews STARTED the killings and land thefts under misinterpetation of God's promise,and, the British Mandate(political, NOT, land borders).ISRAEL IS VERY WRONG.

    Currently, there are 5.4 million Jews in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza strips(true Palestine). There are 5.6 million Arabs in Israel, the West Bank , and Gaza strips(true Palestine).The Arabs outnumber the Jews in true Palestine by about 200,000.Jews outnumber Arabs in Israel and Arabs outnumber Jews in the West Bank and Gaza stips-actually in almost exact mirror proportions-the two state is already up-IT NEEDS ratification.

    The terms Qahtani are ancient Pre Islamic(contrary to popular misconception, the Arabs did not start with Isam, but many centuries before) ARABS. The Jews are now thought to be their descendants:

    The Hebrew word for Arab is "Arvi".

    Bottom line, they were not called Arabs at that time. Later, the Palestinians were called Ishmaelites/Canaanites, but were still present before the Jews. Biblically, Ishmael(Arabs) was born before Isaac(Jews), scientifically, the J1 marker known as the Arab haplomarker, was in the region for 40,000 years, centuries before the Jews.

    Source(s): "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." Moshe Dayan, address to the Technion, Haifa, reported in Haaretz, April 4, 1969. Hear the expulsion of 50,000 Arabs from Arab towns, Ramle and Lydda in VERY truthful(censored from his memoirs in Israel) and frank terms by Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin: "Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country." -- David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky's Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan's "Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech. Cher was here with JPA- I pride myself on fairness and accuracy apparently, you call my quotes fakes, without proof, yet you rarely present any evidence of your own beliefs like the Rabbinical ring stealling and selling illegal organs-you claimed were mostly non Jews-right-a Rabbinical ring-mostly non Jews-love to see how you explane that one.Many Pro Israelies do not challenge me because they KNOW what I say is true and backed by evidence.As I stated, the murder os the 13 year old Jewish boy by a Palestinian man with an axe and the Hebron murders were dispicable-I will never stand by monsters, even of my own ethnicity. I do have friends and have dated women across the spectrum, including Jews/Israelies, and I will never let anyone hurt any of them. Israel happens to be the monster in this case and I push for the two state with Jerusalem shared. Do show me anywhere in the Bible where God actually says the Jews own, NOT, to reside in the land, or, even in the British Mandate, or the jews bought all the land, or that they were to kill arabs and steal it-you simply can not, although you may interpret it as such-as I said before, God clearly states whom the land belongs to and it was not Israel, nor, were the Jews to kill Arabs and steal it.NO hearsay-HARD FACTS.
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    No way. No real historian would ever tell you that ancient Israel was in Mesopotamia. The fact that each ancient civilization has their own name says something. The confusion probably comes from Mesopotamia being the birthplace of Abraham. But then he moved to the land of Canaan which was promised to his descendants. Then, when the Israelites left Egypt, they conquered the land of Canaan, and from then on, it is usually referred to as the land of Israel, sometimes called Judea and Israel, depending on the politics at the time. Then, after hundreds of years, the first temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled to Babylon which was actually in the same area as Mesopotamia- between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. When the Jews returned to Israel and rebuilt the temple, they remained for hundreds of years until the temple was destroyed by the Romans and they were exiled again. The interesting thing is, the name Palestine was adopted by the Romans after exiling the Jews from Israel to try and erase the Jews from the land, so people will forget that they once lived there. And it looks like it worked pretty well. If only they could have destroyed all the archaeological evidence as well.

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    As others stated, Mesopotamia, which lies between the Tigris and Euphrates river, is modern day Iraq. This is where Abraham was born- we see clearly in the Torah that Abraham was born OUTSIDE of Israel, and then he left his birthplace to travel to Israel.

    Modern Israel is in the same basic vicinty as Ancient Israel, with a few minor changes in borders (for example, Eilat and Gaza were not part of Ancient Israel, whereas parts of Jordan were)

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    While the Mesopotamians and Egyptians had some rather colorful views concerning the afterlife, the ancient Hebrews did not. Most did not believe in an afterlife at all. Everybody went to Sheol (the place of the dead) and never got out. That was one of the tenets of faith for the Sadducees in Jesus' day. They did not believe in the resurrection because it was mentioned nowhere in the Books of Moses (Pentateuch) which were the only books that they considered canonical. The Good News that Jesus brought was that there is a way out of Sheol. He was the first human being to go there...and come back. It's the sole basis for Christianity. Paul told the Corinthians, "If Messiah has not been resurrected, then our preaching is futile, and so is your faith" (1 Cor 15:14 The Dayspring Bible).

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    No, Mesopotamia was thought to be between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

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    Ancient Israel is where ancient Israel was - read the Tanakh to see & no it wasn't in Mesopotamia.

    Modern Israel is where modern Israel is. And no, ancient Israel does define modern Israel which was created through modern real means like petitioning the UN for a country for Jews, when countries were being carved out of the Ottoman empire for Arab Muslims, & out of India for Muslims & out of Africa for everyone.

    The expansionist idea of zionists taking of mesopotamia is a form of classic antiJewishism (antisemitc claims) that Jews are evilly expansionist & aiming to "take over." They happen to be classic Arab Muslims started myths to generate internal hate & fear of Israel so their people would revile it more... and have nothing to do with Jewish goals. Jews have their country & are done. They've repeated -given away- land won in defensive wars. And offered to give more away repeatedly (such as right after '67 in exchange for peace but got the famous 3 nos "no peace, no israel, no negotiation.")

    Those Arabs who are antiIsrael go so far as to make up ridiculous stories about the Israeli flag that have never been in an Israeli or Jewish document or thought... claiming the blue lines represent rivers to expand to... instead of what they really were formed after - the same colored blue lines in the Jewish prayer shawl. It's hard to fight hate, when it includes so much willingness to create lies & myths about Israel. This is classic to what European hatred of Jews looked like - make up expansionist & weird stuff (such as the FALSE Protocol of the Elders commissioned by the Czar to distract with of blame Jews). We know how that ended.

    Nature's Corner's lists are the same type of thing, as are other answers. It's too time consuming to keep up with answering to each new lie created (I've seen quotes from him that were complete fakes). But go to sites of Arabs & Muslims supporting this & you'll see their main goal is to wipe out Israel -- their words are warfare, the verbal part of the war - so no truth needed when you're goal isn't peace.

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    Nuh, Israel was the land of Canaan... Mesopotamia is in modern day Iraq ...between the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers...the birthplace of Abraham ...but I get your point !

    Will Israel be laying claim to Iraq next !

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    NOPE mesopotamia is in iraq.


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    Ancient Israel's real location is in today's Saudi Arabia. The ancient Hebrews came from Yemen so Israel should be located in that region where the ancient Hebrews originated. Mesopotamia was an ancient Canaanite civilization that had nothing to do with some Hebrew Yemenis from the Arabian peninsula.

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    Ancient Israel existed only in biased religious scriptures and not in the real world! Anyone claiming any archaeological evidence of the kingdom of Israel on Palestinian lands should provide some reliable links. The only archaeological evidence found were turned to be fake:

    How many more years do they need to digg so they can find the so called lost temple? 40 years were not enough for them to admit their historical mistake and apologies to the real historical owners?

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    no, Israel is clearly in the Land of Israel. Archeological evidence has consistently shown this

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