Heading into the final stretch of the season, what are your final predictions?

Here are mine:


New York Yankees (101-61) AL EAST CHAMPS (#1 SEED)

Boston Red Sox (89-74) 12 Games Back

Tampa Bay Rays (83-79) 19 Games Back

Toronto Blue Jays (74-88) 28 Games Back

Baltimore Orioles (61-101) 41 Games Back


Detroit Tigers (92-70) AL CENTRAL CHAMPS (#3 SEED)

Chicago White Sox (84-78) 8 Games Back

Minnesota Twins (80-82) 12 Games Back

Cleveland Indians (73-89) 19 Games Back

Kansas City Royals (63-99) 29 Games Back


Los Angeles Angels (95-67) AL WEST CHAMPS (#2 SEED)

Texas Rangers (90-73) 5 Games Back AL WILDCARD WINNER

Seattle Mariners (80-82) 15 Games Back

Oakland Athletics (64-98) 31 Games Back


Philadelphia Phillies (90-72) NL EAST CHAMP (#3 SEED)

Atlanta Braves (89-73) 1 Game Back

Florida Marlins (89-73) 1 Game Back

New York Mets (73-89) 17 Games Back

Washington Nationals (68-94) 22 Games Back


St. Louis Cardinals (94-68) NL CENTRAL WINNER (#2 SEED)

Chicago Cubs (90-72) 4 Games Back

Houston Astros (82-80) 12 Games Back

Milwaukee Brewers (81-81) 13 Games Back

Pittsburgh Pirates (69-93) 21 Games Back

Cincinnati Reds (68-94) 22 Games Back


Colorado Rockies (96-67) NL WEST CHAMPS (#1 SEED)

Los Angeles Dodgers (95-68) 1 Game Back NL WILDCARD WINNER

San Francisco Giants (90-72) 6.5 Games Back

Arizona Diamondbacks (67-95) 28.5 Games Back

San Diego Padres (61-101) 34.5 Games Back


New York Yankees (101-61)


Texas Rangers (90-73)

The Scoop: Rangers surprised a LOT of people this year (including me) and I think it will continue here. If you look at the past few years it almost looks like the "Curse of the Bambino" has transferred to the Yankees. The Yankees haven't won a series in the playoffs since 2004. The same year the Red Sox won it. Rangers in 5.

Los Angeles Angels (95-67)


Detroit Tigers (92-70)

The Scoop: Pitching conquers hitting in the playoffs, and that would be the Tigers in this case. Even though the Angels offense would crush the Tigers offense this year, The Tigers pitching has been far superior this year, and when it comes down to a 5 game series I'd take Verlander (3.29 ERA), Jackson (2.85), Washburn (3.18), Porcello (4.21) and Gallaraga (5.16) over Weaver (3.89 ERA), Lackey (4.00), Sullivan (5.91), Santana (6.25) and Bell (5.91). Tigers in 4.


Colorado Rockies (96-67)


Philadelphia Phillies (90-72)

The Scoop: As you saw with the Rangers, I like Cinderella story's. The Phillies have too much experience. Their the defending champs, and they won't go down easy. Phillies in 3.

St. Louis Cardinals (94-68)


Los Angeles Dodgers (95-68)

The Scoop: Manny Ramirez is a man on a mission... well, at least a man running out of time! Cardinals are a team run mostly on the raw power of Albert Pujols, and that doesn't work in the playoffs. Even though the Cards have been rocking the Dodgers this season, I think it'll be a different story in the playoffs. Dodgers in 5.


Detroit Tigers (95-71)


Texas Rangers (93-75)

The Scoop: The Tigers have dominated the Rangers in the season series at 7-2. The combined score has been 56-32! Not to mention, the two Detroit losses came by their worst pitcher and by a pitcher who was subsequently traded for Jarrod Washburn! In the Cardinals case the reason I had that turn around in the playoffs was because the Cardinals are a 1 man team. The Rangers arn't. Therefore... Tigers in 5.


Philadelphia Phillies (93-72)


Los Angeles Dodgers (98-70)

The Scoop: The Phillies are not as good as last year. The Dodgers are better. Manny Ramirez will lead his team to a world series berth. This is somewhat a hunch, but... Dodgers in 7.


Detroit Tigers (99-72)


Los Angeles Dodgers (102-73)

The Scoop: In past years, most winners of the World Series have lost before they won. If you look at each teams current 25 man roster, these are the players that have been to a World Series (minimum 10 games for pitchers, 35 games for position players)...


SP Edwin Jackson (2008 Rays)

SP Justin Verlander (2006 Tigers)

SP Jarrod Washburn (2002 Angels)

SP/RP Zach Miner (2006 Tigers)

RP Bobby Seay (2006 Tigers)

CP Fernando Rodney (2006 Tigers)

1B Miguel Cabrera (2003 Marlins)

2B Placido Polanco (2006 Tigers)

3B Brandon Inge (2006 Tigers)

SS Adam Everett (2005 Astros)

IF Ramon Santiago (2006 Tigers)

LF Carlos Guillen (2006 Tigers)

CF Curtis Granderson (2006 Tigers)

RF Magglio Ordonez (2006 Tigers)

DH Marcus Thames (2006 Tigers)

TOTAL: 15 of 25


SP/RP Jeff Weaver (2003 Yankees)

C Brad Ausmus (2005 Astros)

LF Juan Pierre (2003 Marlins)

LF Manny Ramirez (1995 Indians, 1997 Indians, 2004 Red Sox, 2007 Red Sox)

Total: 4 of 25

Way more experience on the Tigers... Tigers in 6.



Whatcha think and what are yours?

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    New York Yankees (99-63)

    Boston Red Sox (89-74)

    Tampa Bay Rays (86-76)

    Toronto Blue Jays (70-84)

    Baltimore Orioles (61-101)


    Detroit Tigers (91-71)

    Chicago White Sox (86-76)

    Minnesota Twins (80-82)

    Cleveland Indians (72-90)

    Kansas City Royals (63-99)


    Los Angeles Angels (95-67)

    Texas Rangers (90-73)

    Seattle Mariners (81-81)

    Oakland Athletics (60-102)


    Philadelphia Phillies (95-67)

    Atlanta Braves (89-73)

    Florida Marlins (85-77)

    New York Mets (70-92)

    Washington Nationals (62-100)


    St. Louis Cardinals (94-68)

    Chicago Cubs (86-76)

    Houston Astros (81-81)

    Milwaukee Brewers (78-84)

    Cincinnati Reds (70-92)

    Pittsburgh Pirates (59-103)


    Los Angeles Dodgers (93-69)

    San Francisco Giants (91-71)

    Colorado Rockies (90-72)

    Arizona Diamondbacks (67-95)

    San Diego Padres (61-101)


    Yankees vs Rangers:

    The Rangers have surprised but the Yankees also have the best lineup out there. Yankees in 5.

    Angels vs Tigers:

    The Tigers have great pitching, but the Angels have good pitching and a much better offense. Angels in 4.


    Phillies vs Giants

    The Giants have an incredible 1-2 punch in the rotation, but with the addition of Cliff Lee and having one of the best offenses in the majors, the Phillies will win it in 5.

    Cardinals vs Dodgers

    The Giants may have the best 1-2 in the rotation, but the Cards have the best 1-2-3. The Cardinals have two aces in Carpenter and Wainwright, and Pineiro has surprised, pitching at around a 3.00 ERA and 1.000 WHIP. Lohse is bound to fully recover and get out of his slump. The Cards have had no definate 5th starter this season, but it doesn't matter in the playoffs. The Cards also have a very potent offense after adding Holliday and others and already having the best player in the game with Pujols. I disagree with you about the team being run of Pujols. There are many elements that will cause this team to win. Pujols was having a huge slump for a while, but the Cards still went like 18-6 over that period. Also, the Cards have walloped the Dodgers even though the Dodgers have a good team. Cards in 4.


    Yankees vs Angels:

    This would be a very good series. I think it would go into 7 games. Well matched teams. But I agree with you that the Yankees just might be cursed. Angels in 7.


    Cardinals vs Phillies

    Both teams are very formidable this series could also possibly go into 7 games. But I think the Phillies are overrated and the Cards are underrated. Cardinals in 7.

    World Series

    Cardinals vs Angels

    I think the Angels have a very good offense and pitching staff. They have definitely proven that they can win. BUT... I think that the combination of the additions the Cards made and their awesome pitching staff wins it. Since the Cards have gotten Holliday and DeRosa, they have lit it up. If they had gotten Holliday and DeRosa before this season, they would have the best record in MLB. Also, something that isn't often mentioned is Franklin who has been one of the most consistent closers this season. Cards in 6.

    WS MVP: Matt Holliday.

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    Birmingham City 3-2 Blackburn Rovers Chelsea 1-0 Bolton Wanderers Derby County 1-2 Reading Everton 2-0 Newcastle United Middlesbrough 1-1 Manchester City Portsmouth 0-1 Fulham RR Sunderland 1-3 Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Liverpool West Ham United 0-2 Aston Villa Wigan Athletic 1-2 Manchester United

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    1. Yankees 3

    4. Rangers 1

    2. LA Angels 3

    3. Tigers 2


    1. Yankees 4

    2. Angrels 3


    1. Phillies 3

    4. Rockies 0

    2. Dodgers 2

    3. Cardinals 3


    1. Phillies 4

    3. Cardinals 2

    World Series

    Yankees 4

    Phillies 3

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    Ok No way in hell are the tigers winning the world series and ensding up 103 and 74, yankees are taking it all the way, i like everything else except the dodgers are the second best team in baseball and they are winning their division, and red sox are getting wild card, they have been in this situation before and they now how to deal with it, the still have a good dtarting rotation and good players. your welcome.

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    Angels will beat Tigers first round.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are a Detroit crackhead. Your Tigers are not winning more than 86 this year (And 86 may win the division).

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