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yeah, im addicted to making avocado shakes with my new blender ( magic bullet )

i drink about atleast 3 everyday, ive been buying them like crazy what are bad effects of having too much of them?

avocados are high in potassium and fiber and a bunch of other good vitamins.

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    how do you feel? is your body work'n right? do drink water or a simple Liquid? these question you must have ask yourself, at this point. an some thing may not been working as you like, maybe you feeling a sore spot with in are just too much time going. i have hear of a men which eat three cans of rare pennuts and die from it, maybe cause gases did not get off,, in a timely manner. so pace yourself and eat other things like raw oats, beans and beacon pork bar-q always go with avocado. good luck an keep go'n, just not too much.

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    What your doing is perfectly fine. It takes massive doses to reach a dangerous potassium limit. You can eat avocados all day long.

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