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Ordering books from the United States to be shipped into Canada (

I'm looking at a few books which are offered by and are not in stock for, meaning they are available in their U.S. based inverntory but not in Canada. Has anyone ever ordered from from within Canada? Will there be duties/additional taxes(other than the GST) when ordering books published in the States?


Thanks Randy, Anyone know what that limit is to not be charged duties?

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    I've ordered a few text books over my school career as well as a few specialty reference books through and I've only paid extra duty once but that was when I had an order of 4 books and the value was over what ever limit they set. When I have ordered one or two at a time I haven't had a problem.

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    Make sure that any items you order ship through the USPS instead of UPS.

    Items coming from the US via UPS are always subject to brokerage fees plus a ton of other charges.

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