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Maths or business at uni?!?

good at both, probably enjoy maths more but consider business to be more usefull :/

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Math is the zenith of money making potential in Western society. All business is based on math. Finance is nothing but math. Business statistics is all math. Accounting is all math. Business computer programming is all algorithms and therefore math based. Marketing is math statistical modeling. Engineering is nothing but formulas.

    The best kept secret degree is actuarial mathematics. It is the single highest paying bachelor's degree out of college in the United States (and I'm sure it's similar elsewhere). Nobody talks about it because most people would rather extract their own teeth with a ball point hammer than even think of higher mathematics as a job.

    I'm a business major. Those of us at the business school that distinguished ourselves did so because we understood math. Both are fine, but actuarial mathematics is the golden goose.

    "Many universities have undergraduate and graduate degree programs in actuarial science. In 2002, a Wall Street Journal survey on the best jobs in the United States listed "actuary" as the second best job "

    "There is an increasing trend to recognize that actuarial skills can be applied to a range of applications outside the insurance industry. One notable example is the use in some US states of actuarial models to set criminal sentencing guidelines. These models attempt to predict the chance of re-offending according to rating factors which include the type of crime, age, educational background and ethnicity of the offender (Silver and Chow-Martin 2002). However, these models have been open to criticism as providing justification by law enforcement personnel on specific ethnic groups. Whether or not this is statistically correct or a self-fulfilling correlation remains under debate (Harcourt 2003).

    Another example is the use of actuarial models to assess the risk of sex offense recidivism. Actuarial models and associated tables, such as the MnSOST-R, Static-99, and SORAG, have been used since the late 1990s to determine the likelihood that a sex offender will recidivate and thus whether he or she should be institutionalized or set free (Nieto and Jung 2006 pp. 28–33)."

    If that's not the coolest real world application of math then I don't know what is. Actuarial mathematicians don't ask for jobs. They are begged for by companies the world over. Any country in the world will gladly take a foreign actuary.

    Read the wikipedia entry on actuarial math.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A degree in Business at the Bachelors level is not a well rounded education. A Bachelors degree in mathematics with an MBA would be quite useful and provide a well rounded education as well.

    Of course it really gets down to what do you want to do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Really, what maths do you need in life? Unless you want to study and then teach the same maths, take up useful or necessary education!

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