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Got 2 laptops wirelessed thru a wireless router, would internet connection constraint on LAN connection?

well, 2 laptops both on vista.

wireless them all thru a wireless router, sometimes I need to retrieve data from one another, so there's intra-connection (LAN) between the 2.

notice that, sometimes when i try to burn dvd files from another laptop (which has no optical drive) using the LAN connection created by the wireless router. the overall performance could go slower if I'm also using a lotta bandwidth to connect the internet for the two.

i.e. is there some sort of TOTAL BANDWIDTH limit for the wireless router, although internet bandwidth is decided by the ISP, has nothing to do with LAN, but if the router has a bandwidth limit, would high bandwidth on the internet constraint the available bandwidth left for LAN?

uh, had failed to burn several disks, due to LAN connection failure.

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    There sure is, you need to look at what type of router you have.

    A wireless G will only go 54Mbps

    A wireless N will go 100Mbps

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    Go to Run Type cmd in the black window, type ipconfig/all does this show a default gateway ip address (other than 0) and DNS servers (other than 0). if these are zeros try typing ipconfig/renew You say that the internet connection works if you hard wire the pc to the router, so the problem may be with the pcs setup for the wireless link. Start Control Panel Network right click on the wireless connection and select properties scroll down to internet protocol (it should be ticketed). click on this and select properties make sure that select ip address automatically and select dns automatically are both selected. ok, ok Your PC should be getting its settings from the router, which inturn is getting them from your internet service provider. Hope this helps

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    Just copy the files from the one laptop to the other and then burn the files.

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