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Any useful and cool computer programs?

hey im just really bored...Can anyone tell me good programs and tell me where to download them.

I want programs like deskspace, bosskey and other cool programs that would be useful.


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    I wasn't going to say this, but hey, if you are REALLY bored...

    The real problem with this suggestion is that the program I am about to suggest -- actually OS -- has undergone a substantial revision. Knoppix is a Linux Live CD based on Debian. It was created by a computer consultant named Klaus Knopper as a portable workspace/desktop when he was out making house calls.

    It was used for editing windows registries, doing maintanance on Windows and *nix systems and for surfing the net, doing word processing, and even playing solitaire games (with a suite called Ace of Penguins which features Penguins on the face cards). through 5.3.1 it featured the KDE desktop but with 6.0 it switched to a whole new organization which makes it useless for this.

    You go to one of the mirrors -- usually at a University which is relatively near you download an ISO file, and if it is under 700 burn it to a CD while if over a gig, burn it to a DVD (5.3.1 is only available for DVD). If you have never done it, this information is Ubuntu-specific but hey:

    Just burn a knoppix disk instead.

    Once you have your knoppix disk, reboot with it in the CD drive. Your bios should boot from CDs. The hardware recognition for Knoppix is awesome -- it can spoil you for other distros. If you have ethernet it should gave you on-line. And it just recognizes most monitors and cards. Occasionally it will map the desktop to a larger area than the screen, for this it is an annoyance. Move your cursor to the part of the desktop you want to go, and it will come on screen. You will boot up to a desktop which is different enough to be confusing at first but you should figure it out. A browser Window (konqueror) will be open with a page which is actually on the disk, but you should be able to access the internet. Go to your favorite search engine, type in "Unix Tutorial" look for one which is fairly interesting, open the terminal (a black box at the bar at the bottom) and do the exercises. Look around. Linux runs unix programs and this is a technical distribution. You can be picking up basic computer science essentially for the cost of the CD. In fact, you can also write and compile programs in C C++ or Fortran with it, and write and run programs in python and perl. And you are NOT accessing your hard drive so you won't change it in any way. I am not telling you how to access your hard drive (though you can look it up). I generally believe that it is worth while for everyone to have a (superfiicial) acquantance with Unix and this is a good way to do it. You can use the disk for other things. I've linked to a CD image at purdue (5.1.0) which should be useful. It uses English as its default (which is what the EN in the file name means-- the format for naming these files is Knoppix_<Version><CD or DVD>-<Date of release>-<ENglish or DEutsch (German)>.iso. That said it is easy and fun. So enjoy.

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