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於是進行了下一個實驗:為了證明紙片〈paper sheet〉乾燥範圍的移動〈boundary of drying〉是因為受到地心引力的影響而往紙片下部集中,我們又進行了下一個實驗,我們把紙片剪成長條狀,然後改為水平放置,這樣紙片兩端就不會因下方有無空間使水能往下集中而造成實驗結果的差異,實驗後發現,去除了這個差異後,紙片兩端乾燥所需的時間幾乎相同,根據以上的實驗,我們的到了以下的結論,紙片乾燥範圍從上往下移動是因為紙片中的水分被引力吸引而往下移動,使得紙片下面的水比上面還要多,自然紙片上面就少量的水很快就蒸發掉,而下面較多的水分需要更多的時間才能蒸發完,使得紙片乾燥的範圍從紙片最上面慢慢往下增加。



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    Therefore has carried on the next experiment: For the proof slip of paper dry scope migration is but because of receives the earth's attraction the influence to concentrate toward the slip of paper lower part, we have carried on the next experiment, we cut the slip of paper the long strip, then changes the level laying aside, because whether there is can't such slip of paper both sides underneath the space cause the hydro energy downward to concentrate create the experimental result the difference, after the experiment discovered, after has removed this difference, the slip of paper both sides dry need the time is nearly same, but according to above experiment, we arrived following conclusion, the slip of paper dry scope is downward moved from on downward migration because of the slip of paper in moisture content by the attraction attraction, causes under the slip of paperAbove the hydraulic modulus also must be many, above the natural slip of paper falls very quickly on the few water on the evaporation, but under many moisture content need more time can evaporate, causes the slip of paper dry scope most above downward to increase slowly from the slip of paper.

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