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This 57-year-old man patient with a history of T10、T11 spinal cord injury s/p op parapaegia for 18+ year with bedridden. multiple pressure sore and sacral sore s/p debridement and flap coverage for several times history . According to the statement of patient , he suffereds from sacral wound with discharge , poor healing since post operation (97.7).sacral pressure sore s/p for several time history. Sacral wound healing poor. with diacharge & odor foul, so he was sent to plasty OPD for delp. At OPD, physical examination was performed and received mild erythema and slough tissue accumulation, and odor foul, infiltration in edge, about 5cm x 3cm in size, no pain, no fever. Under the impression of sacral pressure sore. After admission, General appearance : fair. Preoperative laboratory examination:WBC:4.7210,Neut:75.4%,Hb:11.59/dl,PT:10.9/10.2Scc,PTT:316/29.5Scc,CR:2.3mg/dl,K:4.39mmol/L,Glucose:79mg/dl,Therefore,he was arrange admission for further evaluation and management. Mild erythema and slough tissue accumulatim , and odor foul , infiltration in edge , anout 5cmX3cm in size was found.

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    這個57歲的男子病人的歷史的T10 , T11脊髓損傷縣/人同為18 + parapaegia今年臥床不起。多種壓瘡和骶酸痛縣/人清創和皮瓣覆蓋幾次歷史。根據病人的聲明,他suffereds從骶傷口放電,癒合不良,因為術後( 97.7 ) 。骶壓瘡的S / P的若干時間的歷史。骶傷口癒合差。與diacharge &氣味犯規,所以他被送往成形門診的爾普。門診,進行身體檢查,並收到輕度紅斑和皽組織積累,和氣味犯規,浸潤的邊緣,大約有5厘米x 3厘米大小,無疼痛,無發燒。的印象骶壓瘡。入院後,一般外觀:公平。術前實驗室檢查:白細胞: 4.7210 , Neut : 75.4 % ,血紅蛋白: 11.59/dl ,印尼: 10.9/10.2Scc ,公共交通總站: 316/29.5Scc ,鉻: 2.3mg/dl ,鉀: 4.39mmol / L時,葡萄糖: 79mg /分升,因此,他被安排住院作進一步評估和管理。輕度紅斑和皽組織accumulatim ,和氣味犯規,浸潤的邊緣, anout 5cmX3cm大小被發現。.

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