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Is My Fantasy Football 2009 Team That Bad?

QB - Tom Brady

RB - Marion Barber

RB - LenDale White

RB/WB - Santana Moss

WB - Reggie Wayne

WB - Hines Ward

TE - Jason Witten

D/ST - Titans

K - Ryan Longwell


Matt Hasselbeck - QB

Le'Ron McClain - RB

Derrick Mason - WB

Muhsin Muhammad - WB

Laurence Maroney - RB

T.J. Duckett - RB

Marck Sanchez - QB


Well my friends kept on saying i have the worst team in the league so i thought it was that bad

Update 2:

If you want to know more info, it was a 10 people draft including me and it was a snake draft

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    You have a very good fantasy team.

    First off, Tom Brady is your quarterback.. and EVERY sign this entire offseason & preseason points to a healthy return.

    Marion Barber is a solid back and will split touches with Felix Jones in Dallas, while LenDale White will split touches with Chris Johnson. Barber will give you consistent but not great numbers. LenDale White is actually a great pick, because the Titans use him in goal line packages to slam the ball into the endzone.. TD's = LOTS OF POINTS.

    Reggie Wayne is a top WR in the league, and Jason Witten is one of the best TE's. Hines Ward is Big Ben's 1st/2nd option on most plays, so he figures to put up some good numbers, while Santana Moss is a solid choice. Santana put up over 1000 yards receiving last year, with 6 TD's.. Also Clinton Portis is a great RB so Moss will get open looks off the Play Action.

    Mushim Muhammed and Derrick Mason are both great wide outs on the bench, because they consistently give you good numbers. Mason is Flacco's #1 choice, so he will get a lot of touches. Mushim Muhammed is opposite Smith, so he will definitely get open looks.

    McClain is a great option because he is an FB who gets a lot of touches in goal line sets.. last year he had 10 TD's. T.J. Duckett is very old and is definitely not the sledge hammer he used to be, but he's definitely still a hammer and figures to put up a few TD's.

    Hasselbeck is great if healthy, but I think he's a bit of a risk.. He does have T.J. Housh this year.. so Deion Branch/Nate Robinson and the rest of the wide outs will get some open looks making Matt's life easier.. and Housh is a great wide out.

    Maroney is injury prone, but if healthy is a threat..

    I can't figure in Sanchez b/c he's never played in the NFL.. but the Jets are under new management and Mark certainly has the leadership it takes.

    Ryan Longwell is a good kicker.. top 10 definitely and the Titans defense is solid.. plus defense isn't usually a huge difference maker.

    I'd say you have a solid team.. but you might want to watch your back up QB situation if.. god forbid, Brady is not who he used to be.

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    No, it's pretty good actually, although it kinda depends on how deep your league is and what the other guys got. But the way I see it here is you got a great QB and Sanchez may end up being a solid Backup. (He is impressing in preseason and may get the nod over Kellen C.)

    Your RB position is solid with Barber but it would be nice to get another RB1 there instead of RB2 White. Might want to try a trade or see if any promising rookie's are on the wire there, like Donald Brown or Knowshon Moreno, etc.

    WR, Wayne is a stud but once again you could do better than ward. He'll produce some points, just may not be as consistent as you'd like.

    TE Whitten I think will be the best this year with TO gone. He be the go to guy for Romo. Can't really do any better there.

    Well, that being said, if there are a lot of teams in your league, like 12 or more, I'd say your doing great.

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    Qb. Carson Palmer - he's a extensive gamble this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and that i hate to work out that he replaced into your first QB chosen. save your eyes peeled for energetic QB.s on the Waiver twine. Rb. Chris Johnson - large RB. He shares with White a splash better than you will possibly want a RB to do, yet he makes it up in yards. Rb. Brian Westbrook - large RB, yet a raffle too. he's coming off of a surgical operation, basically grew to become 30 and has never executed an entire season in his occupation. you have detrimental intensity at RB, so save your eyes open for a stable RB to advert on your intensity. Wr. Reggie Wayne - IDC what everyone says, i think of Manning and Wayne would be back this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. Wr. Wes Welker - He must be astounding with Brady back on the helm. Wr. Ted Ginn. Jr - Eeek, he's not a large starter. Wildcat is gonna kill him. I anticipate Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano to dominate this offense. Te. Greg Olsen - stable p.c.. ok. (New Orleans Kicker) - meh D. Miami D - Ewwwwwww Bench: Knowshon Moreno, Bobby Engram, Jason Cambell, Sammy Morris, Laurence Maroney( he's like sooooooo deep on that communities RB chart. Drop him NAO!) You lack intensity and your starters are no longer very stable. i might ought to provide you a 5 out of 10.

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    Great recievers

    Good quaterback, Brady will have a bouce back year

    Solid RB but LenDale White really isn't great because Chris Johnson is the go to man.

    Overall A-

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    Its decent,, but watch out with marion barber he is very good..but he is injury prone. And the cowbos have alot of ggod back ups who can produce!

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