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What kind of person do you picture with these names?

Not pregnant, but these are my favorite girls names, and just kind of curious as to what people think. Please just tell me what kind of looks and personality a girl with these names would have in your mind. Please be as detailed as possible and do it for all the names. Thanks!

Abigail Brooke

Ariana Michelle

Erin Savannah

Jordan Brielle

Jordan Elise

Kristin Samantha

Lily Alexandra

Maya Lauren


Erin as a I can NOT picture that...I know a girl named Erin and she is everything but smart...she doesn't have learning disabilities or anything, she just has NO common sense. Funny you should think of a smart Erin.

Update 2:

I know. I get that, I just can't picture a smart or "nerd" Erin...because whenever I hear it, I think of that Erin.

Update 3:

I know. I get that, I just can't picture a smart or "nerd" Erin...because whenever I hear it, I think of that Erin.

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    Abigail Brooke= white girl, pigtails and bleach blonde hair

    Ariana Michelle= mexican or black, thin and very curvy. as a baby very pudgy and cute.

    Erin Savannah= white or hispanic, dark hair, athletic, religious and small.

    Jordan Brielle= hispanic, long black hair, patite, curvy, athletic

    Jordan Elise= white, short blonde hair, short body, thin

    Kristin Samantha= short, blonde, in between thin and overweight, sporty

    Lily Alexandra= medium height, medium length light brown/dark blonde hair, thin-ish,

    Maya Lauren- hispanic, chubby, lung black hair, sporty, smart

  • Abigail Brooke-Abigail Breslin

    Ariana Michelle-Pretty girl with pale skin and dark makeup and hair (random, I know)

    Erin Savannah-Julia Roberts as Erin Brokovich

    Jordan Brielle-Blonde hair, blue eyes

    Jordan Elise-Blonde hair, blue eyes.. like AnnaSophia Robb

    Kristin Samantha -Kristin Callavari

    Lily Alexandra - Pretty little girl with red hair

    Maya Lauren - Pretty girl with sandy blonde hair

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Abigail seems like a short, fun, pretty girl. Ariana seems like a tall, blue-eyed, black-haired, i-think-i'm all that, rolling-my-eyes, BRAT. Erin seems smart..TOO smart. Watch out for Erin to be called a geek. Jordan Brielle seems crazy, funny and tall. Elise seems short, fat, and a genius. Kristin looks like an athletic dancer. Lily is probably a girly girl, yet she likes to skateboard. And Maya is a quiet and curious girl. :D

  • Pilot
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    1 decade ago

    Abigail Brooke- mousy brown hair, big teeth, sporty, shy, goofy with friends

    Ariana Michelle- spanish complexion and hair, likes lots of boys, can be nice or mean depending on the day, wouldn't be all that pretty without makeup

    Erin Savannah- dark long hair, tan skin, larger nose, sporty but skinny, loud

    Jordan Brielle- funny, nose ring, brown hair, pretty, easy to get along with

    Jordan Elise- nose ring, sharp features, brown hair, pretty, into fashion(actual fashion, not the mainstream crap)

    Kristin Samantha- freckles, brown hair with red undertones, shy, nice

    Lily Alexandra- very outgoing, blonde, smiley, pretty, likes the water, silly in some ways

    Maya Lauren- dark hair and tan skin, frizzy hair, ok complexion, awkward

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Abigail Brooke - child star who ends up having a nick name like tess

    Ariana Michelle - a hippy version of name is michelle lol

    Erin Savannah - cool collected and smart no softness though

    Jordan Brielle - blonde cheerleader

    Jordan Elise - same as above

    Kristin Samantha - likes to read

    Lily Alexandra - plays volleyball

    Maya Lauren - mean

  • 4 years ago

    Thoughts on the names... Scarlet Joy - this name is very pretty but prefer Scarlett Joy it reminds me of some one with red curly hair, pale flawless skin, hazel eyes very 40s looking. I imagine the personality being kind but a little mean sometimes, popular, loves English and is like the pretty preppy type. Charlotte Rose - this name is also lovely very classy it reminds me of someone with honey blonde hair thick and wavy, sporty and the pretty nerd type clever at everything, with a posh British accent. Blair Louise - I prefer Blaire Louise I imagine someone with chocolate brown hair, popular amongst men, dirty and cool. Kind to everyone even though she doesn't give this impression off. I imagine her being hard and tough too. Dress in black mini skirts and black vest tops too. Hope this helped!

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    Abigail- Red head

    Ariana- brunette, pretty, mingles with famous ppl

    Erin- Tanned and nice

    Jordan- Funny

    Jordan Elise- talented singer

    Kristen- Bossy

    Lily- Sweet kind smart

    Maya -

    ps. just cos sum1 has the same name doesn't mean they have anything in common.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Blondie with blue eyes, kind of shy but sweet

    dark brown hair and eyes with lightish skin, and kind of bratty and mean

    skinny, blonde and sporty sweet and sociable

    dark brown hair, big brown hair and a little tomboyish(both jordans)really nice and outgoing

    dark blonde hair, and is pretty nice and sort of outgoing

    petite, pale blonde hair, light blue eyes, pale skin, and cute and nice

    tannish skin, brown hair and eyes, tall and skinny, and really nice

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    oooh i really like maya lauren. thats different, but cute.

    im not so sure about the other ones.

    maya lauren, to me seems like a really cute, sweet and smart girl.

    that is what i think the personalitly would be.

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    maya lauren thats a pretty nme, kind of sounds like a designer label for clothing or something. o that kind of supermodel pretty girl comes to mind. i have a friend named abigail so she comes to mind....shes a tall blonde. ariana michelle is very pretty also ariana seems to be like a layed back average girl dirty blonde long curly hair blue jeans type, lol idk thats just what popped in my head

    Source(s): my imagination....
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