political speaking: why do people confuse heath care and heath insurance with each other?

heath care is what makes you better. heath insurance pays for the heath care.

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  • mety
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    1 decade ago
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    Ha, you are asking this question of a group of people that think optional end of life counseling that has been available for 20 yrs.is a death panel, (because a woman that was for them before she was against them says so) that it's better to have a corporate CEO who's multimillion dollar bonuses depend on their refusing health care to THEM between them and their doctor than a government that's supposed to be working for them, that the President of the US wasn't vetted a long time ago, was born in a country called Kenya, that wasn't called Kenya when he was born, (and they have "proof" by way of a Kenyan birth certificate, but refuse to believe the REPUBLICAN Governor of Hawaii AND the senate who actually put in a bill honoring Hawaii's inclusion to the US) that think carrying a gun to a health care debate is a good idea, that will NOT stand up for their Constitutional Rights when it comes to spying on them, renditioning, torturing, and jailing them indefinitely, without benefit of council or trial is OK, but they WILL stand up for corporations right to continue to drop their health insurance should they make a claim, deny them service (and THAT'S NOT a DEATH PANEL??) and refuse to even insure them again, because their "messiahs", TV/radio talk show hosts tell them to, (in spite of the fact that THEY have insurance, make millions of dollars and are paid by corporations that have ha huge interest in making sure that the very people fussing FOR them don't have it) that socialism is a horrible thing in spite of the fact that the countries that are socialist HAVE health care & 8 weeks paid vacations for EVERYONE and you wonder why they can't figure out the difference between heath care and health care insurance?!

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    To people with an entitlement mentality, health "care" is only desirable if they have access to it. Free insurance, now that's another thing entirely.

    These are the same people who wouldn't even want those little pepper and cheese packets with the pizza they ordered if they had to pay a nickel apiece for the damn things.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seems the politicians are the ones who refuse to separate these two. If they would prepare 2 bills instead of the Dems insisting on it all being in 1, they might get something productive accomplished, something more than how many Jets to buy for themselves.

  • Because Democrats want people without good insurance to think they can't get care.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The only ones that don't care are the ones looking for freebies...

  • 1 decade ago

    The health insurance lobby has an agenda to confuse the issue.

    Funny, so do Republicans.

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