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please, explain the difference between their and there?

this is my second language..

I need examples..

like I'm calling them on their phone and the phone is over there on the desk!!

thank you!


inorite jackpot..where are lulu and roo??

Update 2:

lefty sweetie.. try german :))

I was born and raised in germany!!

wie geht es Dir mein Freund? Ich habe Dich vermisst!

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    dammit! i'm totally going to point out all of your faults now!

    Source(s): sadly i can't think of any at the moment...
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    In male terms, cute is good looking without a totally sweet body. I'm not going to lie, I call my boyfriend cute because he has a pot belly lol not the best body. Whether people realize it or not, hot has everything to do with a combination of the body and the face. But a guy can have a cute face and a hot body, and he'd still be hot. It's like an advanced equation. Cute is a good thing too though. It's all in the manual.

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    If I Had Dich Vermisst I wouldn't tell everybody about it.

    Mien freund ist dumkopf oder sheiskopf

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    Seriously, Snizz? English is your second language?... No!

    I honestly don't know if I can believe this - you ARE a bit of a saucy tease at times, after all! - but if it's true then, let me assure you, the examples you gave for using "their" and "there" are just fine.

    What's your first lingo then? Spanish? Ooh, I hope so - then I can practise on you:

    "Hola, guapa. Como esta usted? Soy una pereza en un arbol."

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    Crazy German.

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    -- their is a possessive term. you use it when you're talking about someone elses property or personal belonging.

    example ; sharon & her mother were looking to purchase a new car. their current car is 7 years old.

    their was used instead of they're or there because it was talking about sharon & her mother's personal car.

    -- there is when you mention an area or place.

    example ; if we stand under that tree over there, we'll have some shade.

    you used there because you were referring to a spot away from you.

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    When you're refering to a person or group of people it's their, if you're refering to a place or where somone is at, it's there.


    Look at THEIR beautiful grass.

    Look over THERE at that tree.

    Hope this helps!

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    What's your first language if I may be so bold to inquire?

    oh okay, I'm convinced now - but I know you already know, so I'm being borish I think.

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    I like Lulu and Nubs. I think their humor is terrific. I wish I was there with them right now.

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    "There" would be used like,

    "The ball is over there."

    It means like a place.

    "Their" would be used like,

    "That's their ball."

    It's used like a property, like her, but plural. Their house is nice.

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