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Erich asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Baseball fans: Do you collect baseball cards?

If you do, about how many do you have? Do you have any jersey cards, autographs, stuff like that?

I have about 7,000, and have a couple each of jersey cards and autographs. My jerseys cards are better because they are Tejada, Bonds, and Furcal.

If you don't, do you collect anything baseball related? Even hats and t-shirts count.

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    Thousands. But the ones I really collect are serial numbered autographed rookie cards. I have around 400 of those now. I enjoy the sell/buy/trade aspect of the hobby. I do have jersey cards too, but as far as collection I prefer the autoed jersey cards for selling later on. I've made money on this, it's a blast!

    I also collect action figures and Brewers Pins. As far as the rest, I just buy what I love and I have a lot of Brewers themed things...shirts, jerseys, socks, earrings, duffel bags, towels, crock pot, window decals on my car, hitch for the truck, pajamas, banners, certified autoed pics (Braun, Fielder, Hart, Gallardo, Molitor, Yount) just goes on and on.

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    I'm reaching about 750. I have a Jimmie Foxx, Fred Lynn, Ozzie Smith, Ken Griffey Jr., Kirby Puckett, and Mike Piazza. If you think that's amazing, my friend has Joe Dimaggio, Frank Robinson, Tom Seaver, Cal Ripken Jr., and Ted Williams. Another one of my friends has 5 Mickey Mantle's

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    I used to, but have slowed down. Maybe I'll pick up a pack a couple times a year to see if I can get any White Sox cards, but otherwise, I really don't collect anymore. However, I will order cards to be signed by the local minor league team (you should be familiar with the KC Cougars) and their opponents. And I do order some cards of White Sox players to be signed.

    I probably have around 3000, just a rought estimate. I have no clue though.

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    I have about 10,000 from the late 70's, all in mint condition and about 25,000 from the early 80's in mint condition. Most are Topps and O-Pee-Chee. I do have about 1,500 Upper Deck cards from the early 90's as well but they won't be worth as much as the other ones. I should take a look at them again and see if I have missed any of my elite cards.

    I also collect St. Louis Cardinals baseball hats. I have around 30 or so. I try to wear a different one for each day of the month. :)

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  • JenJen
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    1 decade ago

    I still collect baseball cards from time to time. I have a whole trash bag full of old baseball cards, I have a drawer full of them and the best ones in the book. I have hats, jerseys, signed baseballs even one of John Smoltz. Numerous other things.

  • w
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    1 decade ago

    I paid 10 bucks for a whole big box of 1970-1980s baseball cards. I shoulda woulda coulda paid 6 bucks since it was almost midnight that time. After the 3rd time I bought a small box of cards, I thought to myself, "Is it worth it to spend $10 on a box of good smelling cards with no autograph?"

  • I don't but my mom used to. She still has them all saved somewhere in our house. She has them i think all the way up until the latter part of the 90's. It's pretty cool seeing all the cards from back in the 70's,80's and 90's. My brother had a huge collection of baseball cards too.

    We don't collect them anymore though :(.

  • luigi
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    1 decade ago

    Yes. I've got 2 jersey cards (Ivan Rodriguez and Adam LaRoche) and 2 autographs (Jason Bay and Brian Stokes)

    Source(s): I also collect shirts, and try to collect hats, but my mom uses the reason "YOU ONLY HAVE ONE HEAD" so she doesn't have to buy me more
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    Yes I do, been a collector for many years. Do not have any idea how many I have though. Also collect other sports as well. My favorite jersey cards are Ken Griffey Jr's and a Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders bat card.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I do there's one I Cherish a card with Duane Kelper's autograph he was a player on the SF Giants ! and I do wear MLB caps not for the fashion but because i like the teams and I also have MLB player t-shirts

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