THFamily: Look what I found!?!?

Ok, I was looking around on the internet and found this! What do you think?

In the most recent issue of Bravo, they talk about the Automatic video shoot, which they got to exclusively cover. The video, which was filmed in German and English, is being shot 3 hours outside of the nearest town. There are race cars, too!

Although youd think Africas hot, at night the desert gets very cold. All the boys hotel rooms had heated blankets, but unfortunately Toms was broken. He also had a cold shower. I feel bad for him, although Im sure he either got a new room or went in with one of the other guys.

Tokio Hotel World exclusive Secret video shoot in the desert!

Wicked! Tokio Hotel are shooting their spectacular comeback video in South Africa Only Bravo was there with them

Brown sand, as far as the eyes can see. Dead silence. Suddenly an engine howls on! Then a cool sports car drives with a crazy speed trough the steppe. On tax: Tokio Hotel frontman Bill (19)! Even drummer Gustav (20), guitarist Tom (19) and bassist Georg (22) slide casual through the hot dust.

Here in the South African desert, the rock band is shooting their new video for their single Automatisch, which will be released worldwide in mid-September at the same time in German and English ( Automatic). For the shoot, the 4 Magdeburger traveled 12,000 kilometers to the southern tip of the African continent. The shooting is strictly shielded, and far from the shot. Because there is gonna be a car race in the clip, so the security is very important.

The 4 practice diligently with the cars and have lots of fun. Otherwise the set is rather untypical: Theres no cellphone reception, not even a tiny bar on the phone and theres no internet anyway. The nearest village is more than three hours from here, says Gustav.

The inhospitable area has more unpleasant surprises to offer: When you think about the desert, the fist thing that comes to your mind is sun and heat, but at night it isnt getting warmer than minus 5 degrees Celsius, explains Tom. Above all, the guitarist has nothing to laugh about the frosty temperatures. After the first day of shooting, we drove back to the hotel at night, which took some hours, says Georg, and then the heater in Toms room didnt work at night.

Bill grins: The beds are all equipped with electric blankets, but out of all Toms was broken. Its clear that his twin brother whines. After I spent some hours on shaking myself to sleep, I also wanted to take a shower in the morning, thats when I noticed that I didnt even have warm water in my room there was just ice cold water coming from the line. Thats a strange desert here. But as cold as it was for the guys on set, they are happy about their new video, because at least that one is hot.

My sourse?

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POLL: Are you excited for the official song/video to come out? I know I am!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow, that is so awesome!!! I can't wait until the music video comes out!! Wow, tokio hotel struck gold again, haha

    But seriously, now I'm anxious for the video to come out =P

    Source(s): Ich liebe dich tokio hotel für immer!!!
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  • 4 years ago

    Life is like taking a long train ride. You see green fields and you say, "ah, yes, I'd like to live in the country and see that everyday." Later down the line, the train winds through the mountains beside a stream and you say, "no, maybe this is what I want." You travel past the little house with the children out front and the horses and dogs, and you say, "no, wait, maybe this." Have I found what I want? Yes, I want to smile and just ride past. Soon enough the train will stop at my real home.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I read it yesterday and I would have shared my blanket with Tom ;-) OR even better with Bill :-0

    I can't wait for it! I heard like 10 seconds of Automatic in the interview and I'm totally psyched for it!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I read this yesterday. =) I'm SO excited for the video (new video! I feel the need to *SPAZZ! ;D*), but I'm not into the song much. =/ Sorry, but I like the others. ^^

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  • i read that like 2 days ago. sounds awesome.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah i know,poor Tom :(

    -Yes i am!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wtf? a cold desert? thats un-desertish xD

    poor tom

    and the video is great but it's not such good quality xD

    POLL::::yes, we all are right?

    i can't wait....but whose gonna sell it? xD

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