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fellow CAP cadets/ senior members/ former cadets knowing about promotions?

c/SrA here, and i have a question. what is required to get the wright brothers acheivment? and also what is required for the tech sergeant grade? list both like this.

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    1. sstg The Learning Phase, introduces cadets to the CAP program, and cadets who pass all requirements receive the Wright Brothers award. The second phase, The Leadership Phase, begins placing more responsibility on cadets as leaders of newer cadets. Cadets

    2 tsgt At this rank Cadets are usually Flight Sergeants, but may also serve as element leaders instead. In the case of a shortage of Senior NCO's a Tech Sergeant may act as a squadron First Sergeant.

    The grade accompanies the Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Achievement.

    Cadet Technical Sergeants are to be referred to as "Sergeant" by other cadets and "Cadet" by Senior Members.

    no.3 I had to look it up to many years ago

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