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Confused with the chains on a soldier 'Dog-tag'?

HEy, i just recently bought a dog tag from a designer shop ,. and there are 2 dog tags included., but there are also two chains included,. one long one to hang around your neck,. and the other to join and hang from the longer chain . My question is, where am i meant to put the 2 dog tags ? which chains :S , 1 on the long and 1 on the short ? or both on the same ?

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    Real Dog-Tags or Identification Tags are worn with one on the long chain and one one short chain.

    Source(s): Army Vet
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    I agree with the poster who said that the long chain goes in the mouth. The short one is not a toe tag. The reason why the long one is put in the mouth is that the skull usually lasts longer. If the short one was put on the toe, there is a good possibility that the toe would become separated from the rest of the body. The short chain is collected by the unit's chain of command and is turned in to higher headquarters as part of casualty reporting. Also, the aid and litter team is suppose to get the grid coordinates of the deceased so that the remains can be recovered when the mission allows.

    Edit: another old school army casualty reporting method was to have soldiers put a casualty reporting card in the helmet/kevlar. It could be partially filled out only hopefully, it was never fully completed........

    Source(s): former Army personnel officer
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    One on the long chain one on the short then attach the short chain to the long chain. The purpose of this is so that if you can't take the body of your fallen comrade with you, you can take the one on the short chain, and put the other in his/her mouth than close their mouth thus shoving the other dog tag into the roof of their mouth. This way it will be difficult for the enemy to remove the tag, increasing the chances of us getting the body back later and being able to properly identify it. So if this is likely to be a situation you might find yourself in at "da club" this is how you should wear them.....

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    In combat, the Marines I know where 1 around the neck on the chain and the other threaded into the boot laces and worn on the boot. If/when one's head becomes separated from the rest of one's body, anyone left standing can still ID the body and not have to match or even find your head. Gross but its true.

    Source(s): 20+ years in the Corps
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    put one tag on each,then the small chain hooks to the large chain.the small chain is called a toe tag.for that reason.

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    Yes. All British personnel get them. Navy gets round ones. Two round ones, both metal. One on a small loop of chain through the longer chain worn around your neck. In the event of your snuffing it during conflict, it's one tag in the body bag with you, and the shorter chain attached to the zip. Name, number and blood group. No rank on Navy ones.

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    Why do you have dog tags?

    Many of the people on this forum have warn them in combat as a means of idenitfying their body should they be killed in action.

    Forgive us if we suggest you check to see how Kanye wears his rather than asking here.

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    One on each chain lad, one on each chain. good luck to you

    Source(s): First Sergeant, US Army retired
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    this one is a toughy duh put 1 on the long chain and the other on the short chain

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    hard step. lookup on google and yahoo. just that will help!

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