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I want to transfer to Ohio state, but I know nothing about the city. What are the best off campus apartments?


Ohio state, Columbus, Off campus apartments.

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    Ohio State actually has a fantastic Office of Off-Campus Student Housing that will directly connect you with off-campus housing options, including by giving you full descriptions so that you're able to find something that's most suitable for you. Their website,, has a search function that allows you to do a basic or advanced search to find available off-campus options.

    This is your absolute best way to locate off-campus housing, especially since the university will do so much of the work for you. The website is really extensive, so I encourage you to use it! :) Good luck!

    Additionally, to learn more about Columbus, you can try its official tourism website ( or its WikiTravel page ( Although it might seem odd, travel websites can often be very helpful when learning about living somewhere, so those should be good places to start. Once you start to form additional questions, you can work with the Off-Campus Student Housing office to get them answered. :)

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