Is it too late to have a good job/career?

I feel like I just stepped out from underneath a huge rock which I had my head under for my whole life apparently, because it just hit me that nearly everyone has a worker mentallity. "you have to work, or pursue work, get experience, work work work...till you drop, and everyone is expected to do that 24/7."

Me...I grew up TOTALLY differently than that. I was raised in a huge family, european. We took vacations, travelled, and were expected to go through school and do well, and eventually move out get a job, la di da....but nothing constant and strenuous.

So i did that to a degree, had a string of jobs throughout high school, and into college, and after college I just decided to move out, found someone really well off, settled down a bit, travelled, lived it up, but then got bored and realized, I have no life, and I have to get something, but lo and behold, now I find out, that my resume is going to be ****, because it's going to have a HuUUUuuUge gap, with nothing serious work wise for sevvvvvvvveral years.

So I'm going to look like a spoiled-brat-man, in his 20s with limited work experience. lol.

I personally grew up as a teenager thinking there was nothing wrong with that, I wasn't raised to be a yuppy to a degree, or a workaholic.

But now I find that's just the way it is, at least in America.

So what should I do, if you were in my shoes?

I mean the longer i sit around and do nothing, the worse and harder and more pathetic my life will be and work wise, but even if I go out there now,..I doubt I'll find something even remotely passable...let alone decent...i mean college degree or's not like I did anything.

Should I just pretty much sit here in my lap of luxury and enjoy it because my own hope for success is pretty much shot? lol.

I just feel like a loser right now :-D. I was brought up provided for and everything was easy, and well, never really had to do anything, never had the interest either, because it all seemed to hustle bustle, grind, and people sweat and bust their a&& for money, and to me.....I'd NEVER do that. I never had to and well since most jobs/careers are like that...I just figured, wtf, I don't want to do that when I don't have to.

But at the same time,...I don't want to end up being older, in my 30s and be this like sit at home dude, doing nothing.

That's a horrible reputation to have.

On one side I'm blessed with living in peace, security, financial extravagance (i'm not that rich or a celeb or anything), but I can pretty much buy what I want, do what I want, when I want, drive whatever car I want..within reason...I can't just go out there and buy a ferrarri lol...wellllllllll....lets just say,.. my life consists of diet/exercize/shopping/flying/partying/b… online facebook/myspace/etc, meeting others, ....just a whole bunch of BS. Luckilly I do have loads of friends/connections for job prospects, but...

I just fel like such a loser b/c I'm in my mid 20s and I have absolutely nothing going for me career wise...and its not like im 50 so i dont have to jump off a building yet lol,but I'm not like i'm 14 either and my whole life's ahead of me.

I'm in a scary position more or less.

I never thought I could have such a carefree life and still be so...worried!

I don't know. Only lately am I learning that everyone was all about work/resumes since day 1, why I haven't formed like that, god knows.

I wish I did. But is it too late now?

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    I feel you on this one.

    Its maybe social anxiety thats really bothering you. I dont mean the disorder kinds; am referring to sort of a social discomfort. I am not from a rich family but I was always provided for and didnt begin work till I was 21. That wasnt even really a job. What i consider my first respectable job came at age 26. Basically I didnt have any ambition for a desk job (which is what i currently do and am not exactly thrilled).

    I am 28 now and sick of what i do and hate the urban life. This is not what i have passion for.

    My suggestion to you is to pursue what you really really enjoy doing. I dont see why anyone would be unhappy doing what they like doing regardless of how others around you see it.

    The challenge here is to transform your life and sustain it for long enough. I've had this passion for combat sports from the time i was a kid and i am at a desk job now. Although the money is good here, it stops being the motivator after a while.

    The money isnt really the motivator at all (just as in your case).

    Good luck.

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    First, you are lucky to be well off. I wish I was! Second, no it's not to late for a career! I am 24 and I just started doing something I love just last year. I felt the exact same way you do.I think what you are missing is something that you enjoy doing. Is there anything you have always wanted to do? Play the piano, draw, golf...anything? You have to find that thing and go out and do it. For me, I have always wanted to dance, play instruments, draw, etc. (anything artistic). It's unfortunate that I don't have the money to do all of these things, otherwise, I would! Money puts limits on what I can do, but not in your case. You can do whatever you want. I honestly believe in the saying 'If you do what you love, then you will never work a day in your life'. You don't need to be like everyone else going to school to be a doctor, lawyer working 16 hour days. That's really boring to me, UNLESS I do something I enjoy. Don't worry so much about the fact that you are spoiled, because you can't help that. Don't feel bad about it, really. You aren't hurting anyone and the people who have something to say, most likely are jealous. Anyway, good luck finding something you are passionate about :)

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    It is never too late to have a new venue--Coloniel Sanders retired from his sales job at 65,. He turned his social security check and life savings,, He created Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

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    Yep its too late, just continue your existence as a parasite.

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