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how to go to Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain from new Delhi, India?

give me air direction

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    You can go by Lufthansa via Frankfurt-Madrid or Barcelona/Tenerife or

    Airfrance via Paris-Madrid or Barcelona to Tenerife.

    There must be other airlines also going via Madrid or Barcelona also.

    You need a travel agent to book these multiple journey tickets if doing so online is tough.

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    Search online and an itinerary will be prepared, but I'd assume most of the hubs to Tenerife are in Europe (predominantly the UK and Spain - Madrid would be most likely). I assume you know it is located off the west coast of Africa. It is mainly served by charter and budget airlines.

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    sure I actual have been to the Canaries around 15-17 cases in the final 11 years and prefer it. The food is fantastic surprisingly the fish, canarian potatoes and mojo sauce. the only different place I actual have enjoyed extra became into San Sebastian and that became into for the tapas.i like the spanish custom and surprisingly the human beings who're so heat and don't chuckle as quickly as I attempt to communicate the language.

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    follow sashi

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