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Why did my dad say..?

Ok. Well basiaclly when I was 14 I went on a school trip to France for one week. When I came back my mum wasn't at my house like she always was so I asked my Dad where she is and he told me that 1 hour before I came she died in a car crash. I cried for weeks and my Dad always bought presents for me which was weird as he was always mean to me. I am now 22 and I still remember how she looks. So yesterday me and my friend went to the Mall and I saw a lady who looked exactly like her. I asked my friend to take a close look at her as she knew my mum very well and she told me that she thinks that its her. I then saw the three spots on her chin exactly like what my mum had. The lady (my mum) started looking at me and then suddenly started walking more quicker. I followed her and her house was very nearby so I knocked on her door and just said Hi... and she looked so shocked and slammed the door in my face! Why do you think she doesnt want to see me and Why do you think my dad lied to me?



I'm going to try and talk to my mum tomorrow. Hope she doesn't slam the door in my face again.

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    Wow, I wouldn't say this normally, I would take the diplomatic approach, but this is Fing wrong! It's time to confront people and find out what happened. It may lead you down a path you don't want to go. There may be something there you were better off not knowing. There's no way to tell. Make no mistake, though, they owe you an answer. No one on Yahoo Answers, not even me, can serve justice for you now. They need to step up and be adults. Start with Dad, sorry to say but if he's buying you all these gifts and being so nice, you can probably run the guilt trip on him and get some answers/clues to lead you to the next step. Sorry, I don't mean to down your folks, but you're their child, someone needs to start talking and set the record straight. Good Luck and God Bless.

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    Okay, if she died one hour before you came home would there have been a funeral or something? After a few weeks of not being able to see her body to day good bye must have been an indication. Your dad is an ***, and you mom should not slam the door in your face.

    Call other family members and just ask how they are doing after your mom died. Then they will ask you what you are talking about.

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    Your dad does not want any discussions and talk about the real event. He is shutting it down by using the lie. You need to talk to your mom also. Talk to dad that you saw her and sge lives close by. Why not talk about the event with you now. You are missing both of the parents and would like to be part of your parents lifves, even if they are going on different road.

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    Wow, that's some story! If it's true, well, you are 22. What's he going to do, ground you? If your Mom is fearful to talk to you, you better not tell your Dad that you found her. He is probably a danger to her, or to you. Move away from him and then he will no longer have control over your actions. Make arrangements to meet with your Mom in another town, where you have a safe place for both of you to meet. Keep your Dad out of it.

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    Well, it sounds to me that during that one week in France, your parents must have had some sort of argument. and something happened, and he had to lie to you to make sure you didn't get hurt. But I would go to your mom's house and try to work things out.

    Maybe get a friend of yours to go to her house and try to talk to her.

    I hope I helped a little.

    Good Luck!

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    Bizarre story.

    You should ask your father the details of how your mother died.

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    That's horrible. I would ask your dad about it, or maybe try again and visit your mum?

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    Get the truth from your dad

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    That's sooooo weird..gosh..Maybe he wanted you to stay only with him..That's really..really weird..looks like a movie...

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