suppose if love is a subject then which type of study u will like to do:))

star me if u like


jena boss confusion m hi toh maza h:p

Update 2:

na ji na ab hum kya kahe:p

so u will go with practical ahem ahem kya baat h jaani:))

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    PRACTICAL study.of course...abbe tu love main hain kiya??not expected though or is something in the hair??mah hr8 goes dumma dumma duma dumma dumma duma dumma duma duma dam....

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    Practical of course. Practical teaches you a thing in 1 hour which theory takes usually 10 hours or more. Practicals are remembered easily too.

    I always preferred Practicals, but I was always late submitting record books :-P

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    Hi Kaya,

    Yeh kya Avatar hai apka, i was shocked. AAp ka question and ur avatar say you are maturing . Congratualtion.

    I dont like practical or theory .

  • Oye!! ye toh trick Question hai :P

    confuse karne walla :P

    theek hai i'll go 4 practical Coz Love is all abt feelings n emotions :p

    ab bata :P

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    theory is better when its love, go wit practical n ur results will be even more practical which usually means breakup

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Practical is very necessary for love.

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    Theory 4 sure!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As it goes ...First have to go through theory and than have to do the practical ..!!

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