Creative and unique science fair ideas? ISEF?

I was required to do an ISEF science fair for this summer, and I only have 2 days left. Lmao.

Is there anything I could do that is unique and creative that hasn't been done a million times?

I wanted to program a simple program that could solve a math problem.

But, I'm only a 9th grader with no basic knowledge.

But, I've played a game where a script can control what your control does, like cast magic or attack to kill a monster while you're away.

If not, could I do a " Which product would help protect my skin from UV radiation and my skin cells ? " Tomato Scrub or Egg whites/yolk.

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    1 decade ago
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    With only 2 days its a bit hard to do anything. I had an idea in mind when I first read your question until I saw the details because my idea would take a month or two. Plants would prbably take too long also and lots of people do stuff with plants.

    The sunscreen thing could be a good idea. You and a few friends with similar complexions can try out different things (1 product per person) and see if you're sunburned the next day. Then quickly compile some info and paste it on a board. Luckily with 1 hour photo you could even get some pictures done of you guys with (or without!) sunburns to put up. That should be a fast and easy project, but I wouldn't count on winning with such a hastily done project. I guess it's possible, but not likely when compared to people who have been working for months on something.

    Anyway, sounds like you have a good idea there, so run with it. Good luck. Have fun!

    Source(s): I won a sciece fair once, came in third once and was reserve champion another time!
  • Plants

  • 4 years ago

    this is always an easy one...take fifteen plants and divide them into 3 groups. do different things to groups one and two (the third is a control group). for example I gave group 1 sugar in their water and group 2 salt in theirs. Then i measured which one grew better compared to the control group....but you could pretty much use anything in the water...i mean as long as you do not think it will kill them. and just use like a pack of seeds. they are only like a dollar..

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