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What's the body temperature range of someone who has a fever?

Also, is low fever dangerous if you've had it for several days?


okay, sorry i forgot to add. i do not have:

- contact with people who are infected with the flu

- any other symptoms of the flu

i am a teenager and i've been feeling fine, except for a slight "warm" feeling for a few days.

my temperature is about 37.2 Celsius. is that dangerous? because the hospital says i do have a fever but did not care to explain more.

Update 2:

and also because the nurse who checked my temperature read the number and went all jumpy and wide-eyed. if normal temp is 37 C then why in the world is 37.2 considered "fever" ???

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    Normal adult human body temperature - 36.3-37.2 degrees Celsius.

    Mild fever is 37.3-38.5

    high fever is 38.5 and above.

    But in teenagers, and young children, they have higher body temperature, which is normal due to higher metabolic rate.

    Fever is an indicator of infection of any cause, both bacteria and viral. Including swine flu.

    What is your definition of 'dangerous'? Life threatening? Then it depends on the cause of fever.

    Eg - prolong low fever can be due to TB, toxoplasmosis, injury some where, throat infection...

    If the infection happens in the heart, causing endo/myo/pericarditis, or major organs like lungs, yes, its very dangerous.

    As you have not mention any other symptoms, age, contact with possible flu patients..., therefore it's difficult for people to offer help here.

    Word of advice, investigate the cause of fever and not listening to some scammers and medicate foolishly.

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    What's the body temperature range of someone who has a fever?

    Also, is low fever dangerous if you've had it for several days?

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    a fever is usually defined as a temperature greater than 38C/100.4F. if your temperature is higher than that, then you have a fever.

    fever in and of itself is not dangerous. the cause of the fever sometimes is dangerous. for example, sometimes fever is caused by a viral infection that gives you a cough and a runny nose, and you're better in a few days. in that case, the fever is not dangerous. sometimes, though, the fever is caused by something serious, like a lung infection called pneumonia. in that case, the fever is a sign of something dangerous, but it is not in and of itself dangerous.

    the height of the fever doesn't matter too much. for example, infections in your heart which are very deadly can give you low fevers. virus infections like roseala which are usually nothing serious can give you very high fevers.

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    i was told by my doctor that 100.7 and above is considered a fever. Anything below that is a "temperature"

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