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My and my boyfriend been together for 5 years and we recently broke up?

My boyfriend has 2 jobs, plus he is in a basketball tournament( he loves basketball). His mother just recently moved in with him because she lost her job so now he is helping his mom with all her bill plus his own bill. When we was together we seen each other once a week. I wanted more time. But i know the relationship is worth it. But he feel bad putting me thru this because he says i deserve much better and he feel i can't handle his schedule. Because in the past we broke up a lot because i couldn't handle his schedule. So now he doesn't want to get back in the relationship because he knows i can't handle it so now he says he need time to think. What can i say to reassure him that i can handle this because i realize how good this relationship his. Or should i just wait for him to come to me.

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    I'm not trying to be mean but have you ever considered that he may be using all these excuses to dump you? Once a week is pretty sad for a 5 year relationship.

    Just a thought.

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    Looks like he just doesn't want to be with you any more. The "you can't handled my schedule" thing is just an excuse. There's probably something he's not telling you. And you probably don't want to find out either for your own good. I just think that if you need to work so hard just to stay in a relationship, it's probably not worth it. You won't think this way until you've found a relationship that's just easy. Then you'll think to yourself why you were so dumb and want to stay in something that was so hard.

    I think it's time to move on. It'll be hard since you've been w/ him so long. But, you'll be ok after some time.

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    I feel like its more then his mom. When things get hard a good BF/GF is needed more then ever! Once a week is a little low for 5 years. I think something is bothering him over this 5 years and a good opportunity came up to get you out of his life.

    It might be a little late and sit down and find out what is wrong. It can be sexual acts in bed, you might be too clingy, call too much, just annoying in some way or another to him. You can find out but it looks like its too late to save you guys .... Sorry.

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    Honey, his lines mean more than you think :

    - "You deserve better" really means "I deserve better"

    - "I need space" really means "I want to get far, faw away from you."

    - "I don't want to hold you back" really means "You're a drag"

    I know it sucks to hear, but just move on, it's clearly not meant to be.

    Source(s): Cosmopolitan Magazine - Quoted from Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill actor)
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    I would get your best girlfriends together, and go out to an Italian Restaurant for some Delicious Meatballs

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    if he doesn't want to go back and be with yOu again,

    just let things the way it happened..

    if yOu told him that yOu can now handle things,

    then maybe the problem now is with him..

    just waiting him will never do anything.

    just go and have a serious conversation with him..

    gOodluck.. ^.^

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    i feel really bad for u coz 5 years is a long time u should just wait for now but if its long then talk to him.Hope u are ok?

  • well just wait for him to come to you bcuz i dont think you can handle his schedule, if you couldnt before why would u be able to now?

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    It's time to move on.

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    um the same way you were able to type all this to him and tell him u need to talk and talk it don't haveto meet up to carry on a serious conversation.

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