my boyfriend has been ignoring me 4 2 weeks and im sure that i didnt do anything wrong,wats the problm?

we havent been icontact for two weeks and i have been trying to call him but he doesnt answer my calls,bt when he answers he gives me excuses like his not feeling well or his mother is sick,we no longer go out,but other times he jus calls and says that he loves i just dont get him at all.i just feel like this is the end and sometimes not.aaag i h8 dating

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    Please spell your words out fully and correctly. Makes your post easier to read. He's been ignoring you "for" 2 wks...

    Anyway, we don't know him so no one here can tell you "what's" the "problem". All we can do, like you, is guess. My guess is that he's ready to move on. Doesn't sound like boyfriend behavior to me.

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    the only component you are able to incredibly do is concentration on you and the toddler..the toddler has to have some stablity and that's going to be you..dont difficulty stressing approximately him and basically concentration placing all your love into the little guy or woman interior you. once you tension you tension the toddler..he might desire to be conscious of all this too! anyhow it is his loss that he's lacking out..does he think of that once you have the toddler he can settle on he's waiting to enhance up and reappear??? you will continuously have your toddler and the toddler will continuously have you ever..your relationship with him will come decrease than plenty tension while the toddler is born in any respect. All i will say is i've got faith sorry for him reason he's going to remorseful approximately all this at some degree, and greater suitable than in all likelihood it's going to be too previous due while he does. Your hormones are in all places, you shouldnt might desire to apologise for that! -i'm 27wks preg, so i be conscious of you cant management your thoughts-. Your physique is working greater challenging for his toddler, so in spite of the actuality that he cant do something for toddler now he might desire to be helping you reason suited now your the only doing each and every little thing! I actually think of his guilt gets closer him at some degree yet suited now you'll be able to desire to basically think of of you and the toddler. better of excellent fortune and all will prove the way its ment to

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    There's not much i can help you with but really you need to be telling him this not us. The most important thing in a relationship is telling each other how you feel. If you manage to tell him he may tell you why he's acting so funny and change his ways.

    If not maybe he's not the one for you and he's to scared to end the relationship and is trying to make you do it? I hope this isn't the outcome for you.

    All in all though you need to talk to him and let him know how you feel.

    Good luck and i hope this helps!

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    Tell him you two need to talk otherwise this relationship will go no where and will just end in tears, that is if you two really care that much for each other.

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    I think he playing with your heart

    'ignore him drop him like a bad habit you don't need this

    you have a life waiting on you

    get out there and live it

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    sounds like he's going to break up with you soon.


    all i can really say is beat him to it

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