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Where do last names come from?

I mean... Someone must of been the first person with your last name. How would they have picked it? It seems weird to me.

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    Your clan or tribe or Areas of orgin or Occupations goes back 2000 years . For an example the surname Brooke or Brook is Anglo Saxon. which means its Germanic and origin is Brock (. in a Brook )

    English Surnames are always similar to Dutch and German to some extend Danish and Scandinavian

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    In Europe it was mostly Napoleon who brought it into common use.

    The French Empire (thus Napoleon) maintained a very thorough administration largely to keep fresh and steady supply of men for their army/military.

    So they needed a way to identify them and register them...

    So a lot of the nations that were conquered by Napoleon (virtually all of us) adopted their system.

    That's why a lot of people are called 'Janszoon' or 'Johansson' (translation: "John's Son" (or Johnson)).

    My surname is Salomons - it's a Jewish surname. I think they used surnames quite early on. I know King Solomon comes from that story, about the baby and two mothers, so I guess they named themselves after that?

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    Many come from proffessions that were associated with the family. Things like Baker, Archer and Cartwright are obvious, but there are also ones like Fuller, Steward and Franklin that come from professions that have died out today.

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    Trades or tribe names.


    Cooper - Barrel makers.

    Fletcher - Arrow makers.

    Price - from the Welsh ap Rhys - Son of Rhys.


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    Maybe when there were to many first names they decided to add last names..

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    Passed down from generation to generation, in the name sake of male Dads...

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    I always think about that. Lol. I never did understand ><

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    I don't know... Good question. I've always wondered the same thing.

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    haha wow thats something i always wondered aswell!

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    Adam and Eve

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