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大毛 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

(中翻英) 關鍵字詞(位置) 問題重點(問路)

(1)你是否知道附近有什麼巴士站像是灰狗巴士之類的它們是沿著一號公路直接開往Santa Cruz?( 2)我想去SANTA CRUZ看望病母,我想搭巴士去比乘TAXI便宜。你可否帶我去離這兒最近的一個開往Santa Cruz的巴士站附近的小旅館?這樣我明天搭車比較方便。(3)目前我無購屋能力,這次去探望父母,將依舊跟往常一樣,需暫住弟弟家和父母同住。


1.能補充多元句者為佳 謝謝.

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    (1)你是否知道附近有什麼巴士站像是灰狗巴士之類的它們是沿著一號公路直接開往Santa Cruz?

    Do you know if there are some bus stations like gray dog bus. They drive through No.1 Highway directly to Santa Cruz?

    ( 2)我想去SANTA CRUZ看望病母,我想搭巴士去比乘TAXI便宜。你可否帶我去離這兒最近的一個開往Santa Cruz的巴士站附近的小旅館?這樣我明天搭車比較方便。

    I want to go to SANTA CRUZ too see my mother who is sick. I want to catch the bus since it's cheaper than TAXI. Can you take me to the closest small hotel near to the bus station which going to Santa Cruz? It will be more convenient to me catching the buys tomorrow.


    Recently I can't afford buying a house. This time visiting my parents, will be just like usual, I have to live with my younger brother and my parents temporarily.


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