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Where can I get some guys headband/bandanna sorts of things?

Like the ones that Andrew VanWyngarden has.

And how many should I buy so I can wear one everyday in high school and not get too boring?

As a side note, is it weird to grow a beard in high school? What age is acceptable? Because I really want one and I can sort of grow one but only like my sideburns and neck, but I suspect by the end of this year I'll be able to grow a full one. (I'm going into grade 10.)

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    oh that guy is hott

    idk make them

    growing a beard in the 10th grade is kinda weird wait till you're in collage

    after i saw his picture i went all over the internet and found him

    yeah his so hot

    about youre head bands get some fabric and just put it on youre head

    i would just ripp some old t shirts of mine to make it more me

    dont wear them everyday just somedays and if youre teachers suck like mine they will tell you all this crap about how you cant wear it

    but then again it is a headband not a hat

    and my teachers just hate me

    dpnt grow a beard yet

    well idk maybe you have the look you should post a pic of your self

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