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Patrick Kane attitude?

I've been following the Patrick Kane case, and every once in a while a writer will talk about how they have heard he has been arrogant at interviews, or a jerk towards fans. I don't have an opinion about his guilt or innocence, but I would like to know where the proof of his bad attitude is. I have never seen a primary source/person saying they had a bad experience with him. Any links?

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    Priceless! A guy who responds to the question, has Bertuzzi in his screen name and goes on to call Kane a b and says only bithces beat up immigrants for .20. Only a criminal like Bertuzzi would sucker punch a player from behind, ending that player's career, be arrested, get sentenced to paroll, and somehow be allowed back in the NHL after all that. How'd you not see that coming when you posted that crap??

    Anyway, to try to answer the question... in his current situation he has been advised by his atty and USA Hockey not to speak to the media about the "cabbie situation". Media are who they are... you don't talk to them and they find a way to make you look arrogant, etc which carries the plan to tick you off so you will start talking. As far as the few public discussions he has had about it, well there is a legal case going on and he can't get in to details. Media are usually more arrogant than players. Prior to this event Kane has been very good with media and fans. I have talked to him personally, twice, prior to games and he stopped and took the time to talk. Never heard any media prior to this event complain about him either.

    BTW- for the people that keep saying this was all over .20... please go back and read the actual basis for the case. Again... 20-cents is what the media made it about... it goes a lot deeper than 20-cents. Not saying Kane is an angel in this case but 20-cents was the attention getter not "why" the situation started. But the headline sure did grab your attention and get you reading the stories, didn't it? LOL.

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    Well, in a world where one size does not fit all, there are people who will still try to find that one size which fits all.

    What I mean is that it is possible for any person to come off as arrogant to another but it isn't like that is the way the one in question is always going to act.

    Kane could have been having a bad day when interviewed. Maybe the observer was having a bad day. Perhaps dumb questions were coming Kane's way. Anything could lead one to feel as if another is being arrogant or unkind, but some people don't stop and think before passing along their impression.

    I've done it and I've been accused of being one way or another based on one of my reactions. It happens all the time and that's why we have to develop a way of reading between the lines. Besides, I never go by anyone's opinion but my own.

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    Meh, who cares whether it was over $0.20 or $2,000.00. Kane is supposed to be a professional and he is 100% to blame, regardless of the circumstances. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of his playing, but he was given an opportunity that millions of others dream of and he is off to a pretty poor start by loaning himself to this kind of press.

    He's good, but he's not that good, and his attitude will find him on the wrong end of an open-ice hit one day (kinda makes you wish Scott Stevens didn't retire...) and he'll only end up getting what he deserves.

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    ought to of been drafted with the help of the Flyers! they had the greater serious checklist that unfavourable year some years in the past yet lost in the lottery and got here 2nd drafting JVR. His nonetheless an magnificent participant no disrespect to JVR yet Kane ought to of been donning the orange and the black. deadly line may be made in case you extremely think of roughly it. Gagne Kane Briere ? WoooW

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    Patrick Kane is a b and thats final--

    only bitches beat up immigrants for .20 cents

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    What I have to say is, it is all heresay. Unless you heard it or were there you can't know for sure how he has acted. I say ignore it! If you like him then continue to support him!

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    He should be banned from Hockey and the Blackhawks should forfeit all of their games in the 2009-2010 season.

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