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What r 3 things u find on a physical map?

3 systems you are a part of

Characteristics of a system

Plz help

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    1. The Name of the map or area covered, The Legend, and The Scale.

    The Characteristic of a system is different things working together to perform a function. Also a method of doing something.

    2.Your body is a system. All parts of your body must work together in order to live. We use cars or buses to get around. That is a transportation system. The Sun and the planets are the Solar System. These must move in a uniform way with each other to make the Universe or Solar System.

    Source(s): General Info on most maps. Webster Dictionary definition.
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    Mountain ranges, high and low elevation levels by color, and bodies of water.

    I think that would be like... Communtiy, town, and a county... ( im not sure what type your talking about)

    I think that would be like a relationship between two things. again not sure what type of system,

    i did something similar in eighth grade, hope i helped

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    I find oceans, continents, lakes, roads, etc on a map...if that's what you mean...

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